Assistant Greenkeeper

Wenningdale Leisure Ltd at Bentham Golf Course

Wenningdale Leisure Ltd at Bentham Golf Course

Job Description – Assistant Greenkeeper at Bentham Golf Course

Closing Dates: 21st February 2020

Location: Bentham Golf Course, Robin Lane, High Bentham, Lancaster LA2 7AG

Responsible to: Wenningdale Leisure Ltd Owner and Head Greenkeeper.

Staff Responsible for: None but the role involves liaising closely with Golf Shop staff.

Rate of Pay: £21,000 per annum

Hours of work: average 40 hours per week (48 hours in the summer six months and 32 in the winter 6 months)

Job Description:

To assist the head greenkeeper in maintaining the 18 hole course to a high standard.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

  1. Cut tees, greens, surrounds, fairways, rough and semi rough.
  2. Set up the golf course, including changing holes, moving tee markers, indicating OOB, Drop zones and hazards.
  3. Switch and brush greens
  4. Apply top dressing and fertilizer
  5. Identify and control pests and diseases
  6. Renovate worn and damaged turf
  7. Prepare and maintain machinery


Job Specification: 

A fully trained, qualified golf course greenkeeper must be competent in the following:

  • Monitor and Maintain health, safety and security in the workplace
  • Responding to emergencies
  • Maintain good standards of health and safety for self and others
  • Switching and brushing
  • Mowing banks
  • Mowing rough
  • Mowing semi rough
  • Mowing surrounds and approaches
  • Mowing tees
  • Mowing greens
  • Mowing fairways
  • Scarifying/verticutting turf
  • Aerating turf
  • Applying nutrition
  • Applying top dressing
  • Repairing divots
  • Irrigating turf
  • Identifying and controlling weeds
  • Identifying and controlling pests
  • Identifying and control of turf diseases and disorders
  • Preparing ground to establish turf
  • Establishing turf
  • Identifying grasses on the golf course
  • Marking of hazards, out of bounds and ground under repair
  • Moving tee markers
  • Maintaining bunkers
  • Maintaining golf course furniture
  • Changing holes
  • Rolling turf
  • Driving a tractor with implements
  • Undertaking routine machine maintenance
  • Preparing machinery for use
  • Preparing machinery for storage
  • Measuring green speed and interpreting the results
  • The rules of golf relating to golf course maintenance
  • Preparing ground to establish plants on the golf course
  • Establishing plants on the golf course
  • Maintaining trees and shrubs on the golf course
  • Identifying plants on the golf course
  • Communicating effectively with other members of the golf course team e.g. golf shop staff and professional.
  • Dealing with disagreements/conflict
  • Keeping management informed
  • Understanding their roles and responsibilities

NOTE:  All of the above tasks must be carried out in a manner that minimises environmental damage. The work is physical, and most tasks are carried out on un-even terrain in varied weather conditions. Whilst PPE is provided, it is the responsibility of the greenkeeper to maintain this PPE and care for it.


  • Must be friendly, smiley and sociable to all customers who may be using the facilities
  • Must be able to work unsupervised
  • Must be loyal, honest and hardworking
  • Work as a team to ensure the course is maintained to a high standard
  • Reports to work each day and on time and is prepared to do extra hours when needed.

Equal Opportunities

We are committed to achieving equal opportunities in the way we deliver services to the community and in our employment arrangements. We expect all employees to understand and promote this policy in their work.

Health & Safety

All employees have a responsibility for their own health and safety and that of others when carrying out their duties and must help us to apply out general statement of Health and Safety Policy.