Five year guarantee on Terra Rake tines

With immediate effect, all spring tines for new Wiedenmann Terra Rake purchases come with a five year breakage guarantee. One of Wiedenmann’s top selling machines, the Terra Rake recently introduced a folding frame which led to the development of the ‘double size’ 3.4 m and 4.6 m versions making a total of five in the range.

At speeds of up to 15 km/ hr these long foraging steel tines rip out thatch and bring clippings or embedded debris like leaves and twigs to the surface. Ideal for golf courses and large estate grounds the Terra Rake is often used in tandem with the Wiedenmann Super 500 and 600 3-in-1 mower collectors to provide an optimum rough management system

The tine guarantee is on the 1.7m, 2.3m, 3.4m and 4.6m models as well as the 1.7 m electric trailed version.

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