Fusion Bio-Green Liquids

Fusion Bio-Green Liquids: Enhanced Nutrient availability and uptake

The quality of raw materials is one of the most important elements of a liquid feed. The extremely soluble raw materials used in the manufacture of Fusion Bio-Green liquids ensure a formulation which provides optimal nutrient uptake to the plant.

Fusion Bio-Green Liquids

Fusion Bio-Green Liquids

Seaweed (from the same source as Compass Bio-Active) is added to help enhance root structure, along with an amino acid package from plant available L-amino acids, and a trace element inclusion to maintain levels throughout the season.

Adding Seaweed Concentrate for Root Development

  • In independent trials enhanced root development
  • Increased overall root mass
  • Potential to uptake nutrients increased
  • Offers firmer, more stable turf
  • Alleviates plant stress

L-amino acid and Trace Element package

  • Plant available amino acid to boost turf health
  • Anti-oxidants to reduce stress
  • Enables energy conservation
  • Trace elements spoon fed to maintain optimum nutrition
  • Addresses “Law of the minimum”
Fusion Bio-Green Liquids

Fusion Bio-Green Liquids

Liebig’s Law of the minimum

  • Growth is dictated not by the total nutrients available but by the scarcest as this becomes a limiting factor
  • Adding our trace element package ensures no element is left inhibiting turf growth

Flexible Nutrient Management

Fits with existing granular programmes

Can be tailored to the weather

Efficient little and often nutrient applications

Fusion Bio-Green Liquids

Fusion Bio-Green Liquids

High quality soluble available formulations

Bio-stimulants for root structure and stress reduction

Can be stand alone or mixed with additional Foliar fertilisers

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