Media Pack

Turf Matters offers a wide range of professional solutions that will provide advertisers of all sizes with a flexible and cost effective option to meet any marketing objective.

Can anyone remember what life was like before the Internet arrived on the scene?? The simple fact is, people have access to the Internet almost anywhere in the world today. By marketing your products and services online, your business can reach a global audience. Turf Matters offers you a wide range of digital opportunities which can help you stand out from the crowd and reach an incredibly wide and significant audience.

We are a nation in love with our tangible reads and the Turf Matters magazine offers somewhat of a personal experience for the consumer. With a mix of professional editorial from one of the only remaining journalists in the industry along with stunning images, manufacturer led articles and detailed product information – printed advertising is simply an option that cannot be ignored!

Maybe you’re wondering whether you should rely on print or digital means to get the word out that you’re awesome. The answer could be both! Harnessing the strengths of both print and digital will give you your best chance at being found and growing your customer base.

Why not give us a call and let us identify what solution is going to be best for your business?

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