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The Trilo S3 Is A ‘Revelation’ To Robert Cleisham Of Northenden GC

The Trilo S3 Is A ‘Revelation’ To Robert Cleisham Of Northenden GC –  The Trilo S3 vacuum sweeper is a versatile and adaptable machine to easily collect grass clippings, leaves and litter and finds a natural home on the golf course.

The Trilo S3 Is A ‘Revelation’ To Robert Cleisham Of Northenden GC

Suitable for year-round use, the S3 was designed in direct response to industry demands for a light-weight unit working at a respectable 1.5m width.  At only 1200kg it only needs a mid-range 30HP compact tractor, however, the full floating brush head, and low ground pressure, allows the machine to work under the heaviest of conditions where others may struggle.

The modular design of the Trilo S3 means users can tailor elements of the machine, including brakes and tyre options, to their specific requirements. It comes with the options of a scarifier, flail shaft and gulley brush rotor giving the operator the ability to conduct multiple turf maintenance tasks all with one unit. These heads are interchangeable and can be swapped in and out in under one hour resulting in less time spent in the workshop and more out in the field. The vacuums power is provided by a 700mm, 4-bladed fan which lifts and holds the grass vertically to deliver a higher quality of cut and finish.

The material is then removed and collected into a 3m3 hopper which can be emptied via the S3’s 1.6m high tip facility. Utilising a single ram lifting and tipping system is just one way that the Trilo machines are built with low maintenance in mind. The S3 also features a 5m long, 200mm diameter wander hose to allow for easy cleaning of confined or restricted areas such as bunkers, shrubberies or refuse bins.

Over at Northenden Golf Club, Course Manager Robert Cleisham calls their Trilo S3 a ‘revelation’, making the job of debris collection a task which his team now enjoy. “Seeing the improved course presentation once the leaves are collected is quite rewarding” says Robert. “The wander hose is particularly useful for getting down into the ditches, taking even wet leaves easily in its stride. Thanks to the S3, the job of clearing long stretches of ditch, which used to take the best part of a day now takes just an hour or two.”