Ventrac Goes on Tour

Price Turfcare, the newly established business founded by Ransomes Jacobsen’s former International Sales Director, Rupert Price, has been promoting the product with a series of demonstration tours in the South East of England and across the Midlands.

The first venue was at a private school south of the Thames, followed quickly by a trip up the M1 motorway to three venues in the Midlands, including a well-known football club and a couple of prestigious golf courses.

“We had a great road trip,” said Rupert Price. “The demonstration at the training ground of the football club went extremely well. The weather was awful; it was very wet, the banks around the training pitches really quite steep and there was standing water at the base of the banks.

“However, the Ventrac showed what a good machine it is; it mowed the steep grass banks and didn’t leave any tracks, despite the atrocious conditions. I don’t think a conventional machine would have gone near those slopes.

“The golf courses were equally impressed, especially with the versatility of the machine. We demonstrated the out-front rotary deck and the contour mowing deck; both did a great job with the contour deck showing how it coped with bunker edges and slopes.

“There was a lot of positivity around the product and I’m reasonably confident that we’ll achieve a couple of sales from the trip.”

The Steiner family has always been about the business of making life simpler through practical engineering, design ingenuity and good old-fashioned common sense. Those early values passed on by the founder, Marvin Steiner continues to be the driving force that pushes the company to design and manufacture the highest quality equipment available, surpassing the needs of our ever-changing world. In 1998 his sons introduced the brand name VENTRAC and the Steiner brothers focused their energies on the new “next generation” all-wheel-drive compact tractor.

Ventrac’s versatility offers over 30 different attachments and combined with their patented Mount System (which takes less than a minute to attach or detach attachments) provides a compact power pack with maximum performance and versatility for many different sectors within the groundscare industry.