Wiedenmann’s Terra Float Air Combo Overseeder Makes Low Rates Achievable

If you are working with very expensive seed and finite calibration is important, look no further than Wiedenmann’s Terra Float Air.

Recently launched the Terra Float Air is a productive combination of surface conditioner and overseeder. Combining three units in one, its precision and reliability assure maximum accuracy at extremely low rates, even quantities as little as 1g/m².

The base unit (the Terra Float) aerates and loosens soil to 30 mm using either spikes or fine slits at 1 500 holes/m² or 500 slits/m² respectively. The second unit is a brush and roller combination which incorporates top dressing materials to the ground before smoothing the surface. Finally a pneumatic air seeder unit sits atop assuring a receptive seed bed either pre or post top dressing.

The high performance air stream effortlessly directs precise amounts of seed to the prepared perforated holes. A series of steel deflector plates ensures uniform depositing of the seeds from a short distance while lifting the unit automatically triggers a shut off.

“The beauty of the Terra Float Air,” said a Wiedenmann spokesman. “is because its seed rollers are so fine you can achieve a very exact calibration which is normally impossible. The distribution of the seed is absolutely uniform via the air flow and deflector system. If the seed you are using is expensive or particularly precious then this delivers peace of mind. The memory function on the control panel stores input and calibration data for your follow up activity while the three-part rear roller helps take care of any undulations while firming the seed into the surface for soil seed contact.”