Work Smarter With Aspen Alkylate Fuel

Work Smarter With Aspen Alkylate Fuel: Aspen Fuel is the world front runner in supplying clean burning, low emission alkylate petrol for small engine machinery, originally created back in 1988 to tackle the health problems which forestry workers were encountering when working in an environment filled with fumes from their two-stroke chainsaws.

Available as a ready mixed two-stroke fuel and a straight petrol replacement, it has quickly become the industry standard of petrol for anyone working behind petrol powered, handheld machinery in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy and France. To date, more than 350 million litres of Aspen Fuel has been sold worldwide. In the UK, Aspen fuel is distributed by Anglo American Oil Company Ltd and is sold throughout the country by over 350 dealers.

Work Smarter With Aspen Alkylate Fuel

Delivered directly to you

Businesses and local authorities can benefit greatly by having Aspen fuel delivered directly to their site, saving the time spent going to get petrol and avoiding the possibility of damaging two-stroke equipment due to an incorrect fuel/oil mixture. Aspen fuel contains 99% less harmful hydrocarbons therefore machines running on Aspen fuel will emit much cleaner exhaust emissions compared to standard petrol, making working with these machines a much safer and more pleasant experience.

Not only better for the environment but also better for you and your machines – Simple!

  • Free deliveries directly to your premises – no downtime travelling to collect fuel.
  • Long shelf life allows for fuel to be left in machines for long periods of storage without any damage occurring to the fuel system.
  • Premixed 2-stroke version eliminates the risk of mixing errors or accidents.
  • Less machinery down time due to breakdowns.
  • Machines last longer and are easier to service.
  • Easy for operators to select the correct fuel and avoid costly mixing errors.
  • Improved working environment for your staff by reducing toxic emissions.
  • Easy to monitor fuel consumption and factor into job costs.
  • Simplified accounting with fewer receipts.

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