Alderney Golf Club’s Triumph with Origin Amenity Solutions

Alderney Golf Club’s Triumph with Origin Amenity Solutions: A stunning coastal golf course located on Alderney Island, the third largest of the Channel Islands, Alderney Golf Club is a haven for golf enthusiasts seeking both challenge and natural beauty.

In recent years, the club faced a persistent threat to its greens in the form of Dollar Spot, a fungal disease notorious for its detrimental impact on turf health and playing performance.

Alderney Golf Club's Triumph with Origin Amenity Solutions

Alderney Golf Club’s Triumph with Origin Amenity Solutions

Dollar spot causes small tanned spots about the size of a Dollar coin (Dollar Spot!) around 2-5cm in diameter.  It is spread through small bits of mycelium moving to a new plant host. They move in water and can also be spread on shoes, golf equipment, and turf management equipment. Spots can typically coalesce which can wipe out large areas of turf.

At Alderney Golf Club, both Poa and Bent grasses contribute to the botanical sward composition. Unfortunately, Dollar Spot threatens both grass species and their susceptibility to the disease necessitated a targeted management approach.

Dollar Spot has plagued Alderney Golf Club for half a decade. Despite efforts to control it, the disease was historically initiated in June. In response to this challenge, Alderney Golf Club sought the expertise of Origin Amenity Solutions (OAS), a leading provider of turf management solutions. Working closely with OAS technical advisor Marcus Hewitt, the club devised a proactive strategy to combat Dollar Spot and rejuvenate its greens.

OAS recommended the implementation of Exteris Stressgard, a potent fungicide, applied in mid-May with a follow-up application two weeks later. This pre-emptive approach aims to suppress the Dollar Spot before it gains momentum.

Maintaining a healthy plant is extremely important when managing Dollar Spot so the Course Manager Paul Flairclough focused on enhancing turf health. A tailored regimen comprising Liquid N, Seaweed, and Elevate Fe, supported by a wetting agent programme featuring Tricure AD and Seaquest, strengthened the turf against disease while promoting vigour and resilience.

The results were remarkable. Paul comments ‘Since working with Marcus from OAS the course has been in immaculate condition. Marcus’ support with Dollar Spot management has improved summer playing conditions on the greens and our membership and visitors have provided excellent feedback.’

As autumn approached, Dollar Spot pressure continued due to the high humidity. Dedicate fungicide was applied with Trimate in September keeping the greens Dollar Spot free and prepared for any Microdochium Patch outbreaks that would often start in late September.

The success story of Alderney Golf Club stands as a testament to the power of strategic collaboration and innovation in turf management. By partnering with Origin Amenity Solutions and embracing cutting-edge solutions, the club not only conquered Dollar Spot but also elevated the overall quality of its greens. Today, Alderney Golf Club continues to shine as a beacon of resilience and excellence, offering an unrivaled experience amidst the unspoilt terrain of the Channel Islands.

Paul concludes, “Exteris worked extremely well on our golf course and we had good control over Dollar Spot for the first time in five years on this site. Due to the Stressgard technology, the grass was healthy and looking amazing.”

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