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Fencing Panel Proves Popular

Fencing Panel Proves Popular: Garden owners have made it clear that they value peace and quiet when spending time outside, with the popularity of the panel increasing rapidly across the country, with sales so far in 2018 double what they were in 2017. The panels are designed in a clever manner to reduce nuisance sounds such […]

New WOLF-Garten 72 Volt Range

New WOLF-Garten 72 Volt Range: The WOLF-Garten 72 Volt Li-ion power battery garden tool range is an interchangeable battery system that delivers powerful garden tools without engine fumes, tangled cables, or short run times. The 72 Volt range began life as three lawnmowers and was then expanded to include three handheld tools; a grass trimmer, a hedge […]

New Cub Cadet Website

New Cub Cadet Website: After months of designing and building, Cub Cadet has now launched its new website. The site has been created with the end user at the forefront of the design. It offers easier navigation and offers an enhanced user journey. The website is fully responsive, meaning that it looks just as great […]

Cub Cadet’s EFI Engines

Cub Cadet’s EFI Engines: Cub Cadet’s new fuel-injected engine boasts serious strength, offering the kind of high-performance power you’d expect from Cub Cadet. EFI uses up to 25% less fuel, which means fewer emissions and fewer fill-ups. Less time needs to be spent on maintenance as it has no carburettor and requires fewer oil changes. […]

Don’t Get Held Hosta(ge) By Slugs

Don’t Get Held Hosta(ge) By Slugs: Hostas are loved by many gardeners, as they have the most amazing foliage that can offer both dense ground cover and interesting structure to pots. They are resilient and easy to grow, thriving especially well in light to medium shade. They also often have beautiful fragrant flowers, making them a […]

Plant Up With WOLF-Garten

Plant Up With WOLF-Garten: Not everyone is blessed with wide expanses of outside space to grow plants, fruit and vegetables. A lot of people have a smaller garden, some may rent and are unable to dig up the easy-care patio beloved by landlords, and for some, access to green space is limited to a balcony or […]

Revenge Is Best Served… Fresh!

Revenge Is Best Served… Fresh!: Remember last year, when pests decimated your carefully planned and sowed plants and flowers before you even had a chance to enjoy them? This year start plotting your revenge now, by ordering a season’s worth of fresh nematodes, to be delivered straight to your door to provide ongoing protection.  Nematodes […]

WOLF-Garten’s 35th Anniversary

WOLF-Garten’s 35th Anniversary: WOLF-Garten will be celebrating 35 years of its multi-change® system in 2018. The system remains the best and most innovative on the market, with the easiest and fastest attachment system available. Using a patented ‘click’ connection and including more than 60 different tool heads and 15 handles of varying lengths, it is bound to cover […]