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Wilkinson Extend Gardening Campaign

Wilkinson Extend Gardening Campaign: Wilkinson Sword Garden Tools has extended a campaign designed to get school children gardening, by joining forces with Town & Country and increasing its reach to the whole country. Wilkinson Sword is passionate about getting children into gardening and in 2016 it launched its school gardening campaign encouraging primary schools in Oxfordshire […]

Town & Country Launch New Products At GLEE

Town & Country Launch New Products At GLEE: Since acquiring Town & Country just one year ago, E.P. Barrus has fully refreshed and updated its offering, with 2019 seeing 120 new products added, following on from extensive customer research and product development. The Town & Country stand at Glee will showcase the entire range, which includes […]

Only The Best Nematodes In Leading Products

Only The Best Nematodes In Leading Products: BASF is the UK’s largest producer of beneficial nematodes, and it goes to great lengths to ensure that its product is of the highest quality available on the market. It’s vital that the quality is as high as possible because low quality nematodes will either die before use or […]

Scarify In Autumn For Benefits Next Year

Scarify In Autumn For Benefits Next Year: Scarification is a vital part of lawn maintenance that involves the removal of thatch or moss from the lawn, helping with air flow and keeping it health. If you do not scarify, debris will build up and lead to other problems. For example, thatchy and mossy lawns will not […]

Protect Your Veg Plot From Slugs

Protect Your Veg Plot From Slugs: Slugs can be active throughout the year but cause the most damage when weather conditions are hot and humid. The slimy gastropods will make a meal of a huge variety of vegetables, even when you think that your plants are large enough to have escaped the threat. They will munch […]

Reliable & Biological Pest Control

Reliable & Biological Pest Control: Selecting the best pest control product can seem like a daunting task; lists of unrecognisable ingredients and various warning symbols mean you cannot be certain what you are applying to your garden or if it will work. BASF, from its specialist production facility in the UK, produce a biological pest control […]

Precision Pruning From Cutting Specialists

Precision Pruning From Cutting Specialists: There is no one size fits all for perfect pruning. However, Wilkinson Sword, with more than 100 years of cutting expertise, knows just how to deliver what gardeners need, which is why it has launched a new Precision Pruner Twin Pack to provide gardeners with the exact product they need […]

Good Soil Grows Good Plants

Good Soil Grows Good Plants: Time spent preparing soil is an important investment that will bring rewards for many seasons to come. Soil cultivation is the simple principle of breaking up and loosening soil to create good, healthy foundations. It’s also the process of removing weeds and ensuring the ground is not compacted so that […]

Fencing Panel Proves Popular

Fencing Panel Proves Popular: Garden owners have made it clear that they value peace and quiet when spending time outside, with the popularity of the panel increasing rapidly across the country, with sales so far in 2018 double what they were in 2017. The panels are designed in a clever manner to reduce nuisance sounds such […]

New WOLF-Garten 72 Volt Range

New WOLF-Garten 72 Volt Range: The WOLF-Garten 72 Volt Li-ion power battery garden tool range is an interchangeable battery system that delivers powerful garden tools without engine fumes, tangled cables, or short run times. The 72 Volt range began life as three lawnmowers and was then expanded to include three handheld tools; a grass trimmer, a hedge […]