Better Billy Bunker and Durabunker Partnership

Better Billy Bunker and Durabunker are pleased to announce a partnership agreement which brings together two leaders in the world of bunker construction. The agreement will see Better Billy Bunker serve as a representative for Durabunker in the United States. Similarly, Durabunker and its team of professionals become a certified licensed installer of the Better Billy Bunker method.

Better Billy Bunker has been installed on over 600 courses worldwide. These courses range from municipal facilities to major championship and Ryder Cup venues. The ease of installation, superior performance, and affordable cost have pushed BBB to the forefront of bunker construction methods.

Durabunker, likewise, has established itself as a leader in durable and cost effective bunker edge and bunker wall solutions. Durabunker synthetic technology, debuted on the PGA Tour in 2015, received outstanding reviews at the 2016 LPGA Tour Championships and has been commissioned at a cross- section of courses from world top 100 venues to council run municipals. With a global reach, from Australia to America, Singapore to South Korea, Durabunker has recently agreed partnerships to drive the product forward in a number of markets, America being a primary target.

Todd Jenkins, Vice President of Better Billy Bunker said “A collaboration with Rhydian and the Durabunker team made perfect sense for us. It will allow us to offer not only the fastest draining durable layer in the industry, but also a long-lasting, sustainable edge solution. The combination truly offers a fully sealed bunker. We look forward to a successful relationship with Durabunker for years to come.”

Durabunker Founder, Rhydian Lewis coadded “The position Better Billy Bunker hold in the market place, the respect they have in the industry, the quality of their product and professionalism of their customer service makes them a perfect partner for us in the USA. The two patented products combine beautifully and though they will not be sold exclusively as a combination, together they offer the complete bunker solution. We are very excited to be working with them.”