Kress delivers ground-breaking technology

Kress delivers ground-breaking technology: A game-changer in every way, Kress is leading the charge with a breakthrough innovation in battery-powered technology, built to deliver the performance and power of petrol. Come and be among the first to see the future of green gardening at SALTEX.

For decades, petrol-powered gardening and landscape equipment has been a reliable choice for commercial use, due to most battery-powered equipment being incapable of matching or surpassing the benefits of their petrol counterparts. This is coupled with the fact that innovation in battery technology has remained slow in meeting the dynamic and ever-growing demands of professional gardeners.

Kress delivers ground-breaking technology

Kress delivers ground-breaking technology

Gardening and landscape professionals have tended to veer away from battery-powered equipment due to excessive charging time before continued use, the high expense associated with the limited lifecycle, and unreliable performance quality.

Despite growing concerns that the air and noise pollution associated with petrol-powered equipment is having a severe impact on the environment, professionals have been forced to pick an option that provides economical advantage in terms of power and uninterrupted operation.

Tackling the current limitations of battery head-on, with a ground-breaking opportunity, Kress is taking the transformation from petrol to battery to the next level, creating a stronger, faster, quieter, more affordable option, that is specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of commercial landscapers and is set to drive battery-power technology forward to a brighter, more efficient future.

The new commercial Kress 8-minute Cybersystem™ battery platform has been engineered to have the fastest re-charge of any commercial battery system available, has twice the power output of standard lithium-ion batteries and has been developed with heavy-duty use in mind. It is battery-power as we have never seen it before.

With a petrol-free future on the horizon, and soaring prices in the UK, the latest evolution in Kress’ battery-powered technology is a remarkable, timely development for gardening and lawncare professionals, radical new technology that can help protect their planet and pocket, without compromising on performance.

“Everyone is waiting for a change in professional gardening and landscaping equipment, petrol will soon have to be replaced and, for that reason, Kress has come up with a powerful solution, built for a future-focused industry.” says Don Gao, Chairman and CEO of Positec Group. “The future must rely on energy storage, energy distribution and an integrated system. It’s time for an energy system evolution – the new Kress system can fulfil that need.”

As a part of the well-stablished Positec family of brands, Kress is recognised for its superior German engineering that has been synonymous with reliability, quality, and industry leading standards for over 50 years.

This new line of Kress commercial-grade outdoor power equipment, powered by its exclusive cordless battery technology, is a revolutionary development and highlights the commitment towards a future that will forever eliminate the need for petrol-powered equipment.

Kress battery technology

  • The new commercial Kress 8-minute Cybersystem™ battery platform was engineered and designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of commercial landscapers. The system features both 4Ah and 11Ah battery packs with the ability to recharge each 60v battery pack to 100% charge in only 8 minutes, or 80% charge in 5 minutes – the fastest re-charge of any commercial battery system available.
  • Due to its proprietary battery cell technology, each 60v Cyberpack battery is capable of producing up to twice the power output of standard lithium-ion batteries. The added power output allows Kress outdoor power equipment to meet or exceed the same performance as most commercial petrol machines but with less noise and zero harmful emissions.
  • In addition, the Kress Cyberpack battery can be re-charged thousands of times – up to 10 times more than standard lithium-ion batteries.
  • The extended battery life supports multiple re-charges per day and greatly reduces the cost of replacement battery packs over the life of the equipment.
  • The Kress 8-minute™ Cybersystem™ is the first and only cordless battery power supply that will allow commercial landscapers to finally replace their expensive petrol equipment without sacrificing performance, power or runtime.
  • The new Kress 8-minute Cybersystem™ battery platform will power a full line of Kress professional outdoor equipment that includes commercial-grade backpack and handheld blowers, grass trimmers, edgers, chainsaws, and hedge trimmers as well as heavy-duty walk-behind mowers.
  • Each Kress commercial-grade tool is designed and engineered for heavy-duty use with a high-efficiency brushless motor and state-of-the-art features and performance. There are no more excuses to keep operating noisy, high-cost petrol equipment or wasting time with cordless battery tools that won’t get the job done.

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