Club Car appoints Campey Turf Care

Club Car appoints Campey Turf Care: Club Car, the world’s largest manufacturer of small-wheel electric vehicles, has appointed Campey Turf Care Systems as a UK dealer for its commercial range.

A family-run business, Campey Turf Care Systems was founded in 1986 initially to offer sports turf maintenance work in the UK’s north-west region, but has grown to become one of country’s leading independent distributors with machinery available throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA.

Club Car appoints Campey Turf Care

Club Car appoints Campey Turf Care

Its machines and equipment are used by some of the biggest sporting organisations in the world, including Real Madrid Football Club, the All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wembley Stadium and prestigious golf courses such as The Wisley in Surrey.

Andy Bourke, Club Car’s Regional Manager UK&I & Nordics, said: “Campey Turf Care Systems is a company which is synonymous with quality and trusted by some of the highest-profile sporting organisations in the world.

“It has built an excellent reputation not only for supplying innovative and reliable turf care products but also having strong customer relationships and superb aftersales service.

“We see this as an exciting partnership that will allow us to continue to deliver value to our customers and accelerate growth in the UK. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with Campey Turf Care Systems.”

Lee Morgado, Director of Campey Turf Care Systems, said: “Club Car brings a natural synergy with our existing product lines and we look forward to working closely with them to develop the current customer base and grow the UK market.

“Campey distributes a wide range of machinery and related products to the turf industry, all reflecting the highest standards, quality of build and performance demanded by turf professionals across the spectrum of grass sports.”

Club Car’s commercial range includes its famous Carryall series of versatile utility vehicles widely used at golf venues all over the world. It also includes the Villager model, designed to transport groups of people and used in some of the world’s biggest resorts, airports and theme parks.

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Lawn Care Legends – Who, What and Why

Lawn Care Legends – Who, What and Why: John Ryan, Founder of Lawn Care Legends, gives Turf Matters an insight to the thinking behind one of the fastest growing groups in the industry.

I’m John Ryan and I am a self-employed lawn care contractor based in Bangor, Northern Ireland and the founder of Lawn Care Legends, who grew from an idea formed back in July, 2017.

Lawn Care Legends - Who, What and Why

Lawn Care Legends – Who, What and Why

My thinking was that the lawn care community has expanded on social media across the world from YouTube to Facebook and Instagram particularly.

However, an unfortunate aspect of social media in this day and age, is that it creates a platform often with little accountability and, depending on an individual’s position, perhaps anonymity. This makes it easy for those who would choose to belittle or criticise anyone wanting to learn more about their trade, craft or industry to do so without any consequences.

This can typically be seen in Facebook groups across a range of industries. Where someone will ask a question, in the hope that someone with experience and knowledge would be willing to share their knowledge to help a peer achieve better results either in their current project or self-development, but be met with mocking and abuse. (Sometimes as banter, but mostly in criticism).

These prevalent negative attitudes see people holding back from asking questions, or not feeling comfortable to share their views perspectives or to ask questions for fear of being ridiculed.

Lawn Care Legends - Who, What and Why

Lawn Care Legends – Who, What and Why

This prompted me to create Lawn Care Legends, the Facebook group.

Our aims are simple. To create a Facebook group where we try to operate on the basis of respect, encouragement and passion for what we do in a professional environment on social media. An international collective.

One aspect of the lawn care community online is the difference that can be seen across the globe with varying styles and approaches to our respective trades.

Although each country has its own standards for operation in our industry, I felt Lawn Care Legends could benefit from the various perspectives that people from different countries could add as valuable content. In an industry that has a lot of service providers, it can be difficult to stand out and so with the ability to access information shared by people from other countries as well as our own we can gain inspiration and drive for our businesses.

So, Lawn Care Legends allowed the development of a new addition to the community we are all a part of in one way or another. We enjoy members contributions mainly from the UK, Ireland but we have members who contribute from the USA, Norway, France, Australia, Canada, Serbia and more which makes for a lot of variety.

To run a Facebook group is not an easy task and the people behind the scenes that make this possible are the admin team of LCL. A friendly bunch with a wide variety of skills, qualifications and knowledge in all aspects of the lawn care industry.

From the basics of grass cutting, shrub/tree cutting, to treatments, landscaping, pond installations and maintenance, and also insight from the dealers side of the industry.

The admin team is currently made up of: Alan Adams from (NI); Paul McGill (Scot); Ryan Powala Higgins (Eng); Richard Jones (Eng); Kaz Dunsmore (Scot); Robert Ross (Scot); Tom Duchesne (Eng); Jay Chillingworth (Eng); Danny Clegg (Eng); Ben Morrison (Scot), and Di Dodds (Aus).

Lawn Care Legends - Who, What and Why

Lawn Care Legends – Who, What and Why

There have been many people who have contributed to the success of LCL during their time on the admin team before moving onto other projects or priorities. One key individual who really helped LCL become more connected with manufacturers and reps, is Ashley Bevan, from Weston Garden Machinery. His amazing support really played a huge role in get the industry to support the LCL Awards.

As we encountered more and more people on-line, I think we’ll agree that we still enjoy a good meet up with people in the real world. It is hard to replace the benefits of shaking someone’s hand and getting to know others better without giving your thumbs or fingers an ache from typing.

So, one thing that we have tried to do is organise LCL meet ups where possible. We started doing this in early 2018, with our first meet up at Rochford’s Garden Machinery, in Wincanton, and we have gone on to host meet ups in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, with the intention to organise and host more events in the future.

We hope to organise an LCL business training event in 2021 as well as an LCL demo day, then we will combine those events into one event in 2022 for England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. If it proves successful we will look to more locations, with the aim of helping more people.

The purpose is simple really. Everyone loves a good meet up and it is a great way to network, training and education. It allows people, who otherwise wouldn’t get the chance, to demo machinery and get a feel for different brands and their equipment.

Back in January of 2020 we had organised a factory tour and LCL meet up at the Ariens factory, in Oxford, where we were greeted with amazing hospitality and open arms by another manufacturer that wanted to support our community and the desire to connect people better. We had demos of Ariens zero turns as these are now made at the facility.

We also took part in a zero turn challenge with prizes awarded, while Ariens collaborated with Kawasaki Engines Europe to conduct a workshop class on engine maintenance on xero turns. We even had our own pizza van on the day and topped off with a swag bag with gifts and discount vouchers to buy some products.

It took around five months from the time Lawn Care Legends was created, to start gaining traction and membership started to increase. From that point it has grown to over 5,000 members representing.

To make the group stand out and to try and bring value to the members, the idea of LCL awards was floated, with the aim of creating our own event within the industry to celebrate the small business owner.

And so the Lawn Care Legends Awards were created. Of course, they would be operated online, in the spirit that this new digital age that has benefited so many in different ways. However, there is still a lot to be said for face-to-face contact and discussions with people.

I then set out to see if it was possible to collaborate with an industry event that would allow us to host our Awards’ presentation.

An obvious choice was to reach out to the IOG, so named at the time, and Saltex. I pitched the idea of a little Awards’ event, that would celebrate the average business owner in our trade. I believe if you don’t ask, you are guaranteed the answer is “No”.

Lawn Care Legends - Who, What and Why

Lawn Care Legends – Who, What and Why

Well, I got an amazing reply that displayed a real desire to work with us.

From originally asking if it was possible to use a little corner of the show, we were being allocated the use of a large private room. Fusion Media also produced a press release about our awards, which got our name out to industry magazines and online media platforms.

In addition, we were featured in the opening letter by the IOG CEO Geoff Webb. So, in 2018, we held our first LCL Saltex Awards. We had an amazing turn out of over 100 members. We had started with a little vision and pitched the idea to just a few companies to gain support on which we could build.

The first company to see the potential of a positive contribution to our community, came from Weibang Ireland. They were so excited about the idea and wanted to be a part of it and offered a lawn mower as the first prize.

Those first Awards began with just three sponsors: The IOG, Weibang Ireland and Blinc NI. By the time we came back a year later we had grown our sponsors to 12: Weibang Ireland and Weibang UK, ECHO, EGO, Hendon Ladders, Kawasaki Engines Europe, Ferris Mowers UK, Wright Mowers UK, Cub Cadet, Jobber, Green Touch Industries and the IOG.

Despite so many things having been disrupted in 2020, we already have over 20 sponsors lined up for the LCL Saltex Awards 2021, with around £10,000 worth of prizes.

We just want to be able to give the average guy in our industry the opportunity to have his picture taken, be praised for his high standard of work, be presented with a trophy and win awesome equipment which will contribute to his business and service for the better.

It is all part of our dream, and with the support and recognition from industry manufacturers, to spur our community on to do better and take pride, we can come together in a positive manner… and that includes everyone from the end user; landscapers; greenkeepers; groundsmen; gardeners; business owners/operators; dealers; distributors and manufacturers.

Some might think that we are just a little Facebook group, but we are determined to be so much more, and have already come a long way.

Perhaps we might see you guys around some day, either in our group or at one of our events – something positive for us all to look forward to.

AriensCo meet Lawn Care Legends

AriensCo meet Lawn Care Legends: AriensCo collaborated with Kawasaki Engines Europe on 30th January 2020 to host a dedicated day for lawncare professionals from the online community Lawn Care Legends.

Members of the Facebook group visited the company’s UK Headquarters in Great Haseley, Oxfordshire. The day consisted of an introduction to AriensCo, its history and the brands it manufactures and distributes. This was followed by product demos of the Ariens zero-turns, ECHO outdoor power equipment, and Countax and Westwood garden tractors, complemented by workshops on machinery maintenance from Kawasaki Engines Europe and ECHO Tools UK.

AriensCo meet Lawn Care Legends

AriensCo meet Lawn Care Legends

The attendees were given a factory tour of the new zero-turn production line – the first in Europe – giving them the chance to see precisely how Ariens zero-turns are manufactured and assembled. A series of demonstrations followed, with the opportunity to try products from the existing range of Ariens zero-turns, including IKON X, APEX, and ZENITH as well as two prototype machines.  A range of petrol and battery-powered tools were displayed in the ECHO mobile demo unit, including the new CS-2511WES chainsaw and the PB-8010  power blower as well as a selection of professional brushcutters and hedgetrimmers. These were all available for demonstration. A zero-turn challenge, with prizes for the three lowest scores, was run and saw many eager participants battling it out, manoeuvring zero-turns around a series of cones, to take the three top spots.

“The day offered the perfect opportunity to demonstrate to attendees from Lawn Care Legends that Ariens and ECHO offer a wide range of products in the outdoor power equipment and arborist marketplace for commercial operators,” said Darren Spencer, Vice President EMEA and Asia.

The day ended with a Q and A session and industry updates, with discussions amongst attendees including new products and future industry considerations for 2020.

“Events like this show the value and importance of relationships between manufacturers and end-users,” said John Ryan, founder of Lawn Care Legends, “everyone came away feeling uplifted by the experience.”

The members’ positive outlook on the Ariens zero-turns was accentuated by the demos and seeing first-hand the craftsmanship of the manufacturing at the UK factory. The same can be said for the ECHO product offering and the quality of the tools manufactured in Japan and distributed by AriensCo. There was excellent feedback from everyone who attended the day and they are excited to come back next year! If you would like further information on Ariens zero-turns visit, ECHO products visit or call 01844 278800.

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Revolution in professional turf care

Revolution in professional turf care: Strained sports turf surfaces are particularly stressed by the influence of walking on, playing on or driving on, which can lead to a change in the physical or chemical properties of the soil due to compaction. 

Compaction has negative effects on the vital growth of a healthy and durable grass population as well as on the functional safety due to the often highly reduced air and water permeability of the soil, a lack of water and nutrients available to plants, poor regeneration growth and changes in soil organic structure.

Revolution in professional turf care

The remedy can be found with the airter light 14160 – pneumatic soil aeration device for professionals, which loosens the lawn root zone homogeneously into a depth of 22 cm and supplies it with fresh oxygen.

This is done by steplessly adjustable compressed air in a continuous process. A football field can be completely processed in seven hours.

A total of 14 specially developed compressed air injection lances with triple jets push up to one million litres of air per pitch into the ground in an efficient working process.

The airter aerates the root zone homogeneously and with full coverage without any significant visible damage to the top surface. The penetration depth can be selected to match local soil conditions by using different lances so the soil compaction can be reduced up to 30% (verifiably tested). As a result, water flow and air circulation improve remarkably. Novokraft’s airsoftroll roller technology guarantees low ground pressure during sustainable aeration of the root zone with oxygen! Unique and unrivalled!

Advantages at a glance

• Effective and sustainable aeration of hybrid, sports and golf surfaces.
• Reduction of pesticide use and prevention of black layer through active ventilation. Efficient and biological pest control (e.g. larvae & grubs).
• Improved water absorption/storage within the root zone enabling shorter irrigation cycles and reduced water consumption, especially during the vegetation and heat periods.
• A measurable, homogeneous de-compaction of about 30% in the treated root zone layer.
• Reduction of downtime (no need for post-processing work, play areas can be walked on and played on directly, less waterlogging due to improved separating effect).
• Reduction of maintenance time (reduction of traditional aeration intervals and top-dressing needs, lower patch work and over-seeding requirements).
• Low maintenance cost (simple pneumatic/hydraulic system).
• Scientifically validated system (STRI in the UK and University of Hohenheim in Germany).
• Efficient operation (continuous operation, simple machine operation, high productivity).

The airter can demonstrably loosen the hardened hybrid turf systems. In all hybrid turf systems, the root zone cannot be optimally and professionally ventilated using conventional mechanical loosening methods (e.g. deep loosening with solid chisels).

Over time, these procedures inevitably lead to vertical compaction of the lawn base layer.

Novokraft has developed the airter to solve this problem and to professionally loosen the root zone. This prevents the formation of decomposition gases, which are toxic for lawn roots.

Practical tests on new hybrid turf fields have shown that with the loosening effect of the airter, the players subsequently felt the fields to be much softer.

Likewise, this homogeneous pneumatic loosening method massively improves all bioactivity in the soil. The airter is also ideally suited for the reliable maintenance of water permeability.

Lawn Care Legends Back At SALTEX

Lawn Care Legends Back At SALTEX: The Lawn Care Legends networking event for landscapers and gardeners will be returning to SALTEX 2019 – which takes place on 30 and 31 October at the NEC, Birmingham.

The Legends will be back in full force and will be even bigger with hundreds of attendees expected and over £2500 worth of prizes to be won.

Lawn Care Legends Back At SALTEX

The online Facebook group provides a daily opportunity for all landscapers and gardeners to showcase their work and knowledge and ultimately support one another. It consists of nearly 5,000 members featuring solo operators, small to medium size business owners, professionals and aspiring volunteers.

After celebrating a hugely successful SALTEX 2018, the group has seen a meteoric rise in popularity. Since last year’s event the group has been invited to host a networking event at the Green Industry and Equipment Expo (GIE) in the USA and an increase in machinery reviews, factory visits and interviews with key industry experts are readily available through the group’s social networks and an all-new online TV channel will be launching in 2020.

Founder of Lawn Care Legends, John Ryan, revealed that the group’s membership has significantly increased and that a number of landscapers and gardeners will be travelling from afar to attend the networking event at SALTEX 2019.

“Our membership base keeps rising and I’m expecting a huge turnout at SALTEX this year. Members will be travelling to the NEC from Greece, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway, France and Canada. You don’t have to be a member of the Facebook group to join us at SALTEX – in fact I would encourage anyone who is involved in landscaping or gardening to come along and participate because they could really benefit from the networking event.”

“Our aim is to help and support anyone involved in the industry,” he said. “So, we are planning to include information on marketing your business, pricing a job and how social media is a growing part of the industry.

“We are also very passionate about mental health issues too. Since being in the industry I have seen just how much it impacts daily lives. Over the past year, we have been encouraging members to openly talk about their struggles and to help one another.”

After a complimentary lunch at the networking event on Wednesday 30 October, the Legends will be hosting their annual awards ceremony. The competition, which is open now, has been created to celebrate the outstanding work of landscapers and gardeners. The Legends are encouraging everyone in the industry to submit up to three pictures which showcase the quality of their work.

The pictures can be posted in the Facebook group ( or through Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtag #LCLSALTEX19. A shortlist will then be created and the winners will be announced at the event.

The prizes will include:

  • Shaft drive lawnmower
  • Professional hedge trimmer
  • Multitool kit
  • Aluminium adjustable tripod ladders
  • Bluetooth noise cancelling ear plugs
  • Strimmer line spool rack with line cutter

Lawn Care Legends LIVE will take place on 30 October at 2:00pm in concourse suites 22 and 23 by the SALTEX entrance.

Visitors can register to attend SALTEX for FREE via the website –

Follow SALTEX on Twitter @IOG_SALTEX and Facebook –

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Campey Turf Care Return To SALTEX

Campey Turf Care Return To SALTEX: Campey Turf Care Systems will be returning to the NEC in Birmingham for SALTEX 2018, presenting their range of industry-leading machines.

Throughout the year Campey products have made an impact at major sporting events including  the use of the Air 2G2 GT Air Inject in the build-up to the 2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National, Paris.

Campey Turf Care Return To SALTEX

Innovation and application have both continued to evolve, with the Koro FIELD TOPMAKER now being used with great success to renovate cricket squares as well as further use in golf. These sports have been able to adopt the machine due to the introduction of a smaller and lighter Koro FTM that was specifically designed with finer turf in mind, offering the industry as a whole the cleanest renovation possible.

A selection of Campey machinery will be on display at Stand G100 along with the Campey Product Specialists, who will be on hand to answer any questions and advise on the best machinery for your situation.

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SCH’s ‘D’ Turf Care System

SCH’s ‘D’ Turf Care System: The SCH (Supplies) Ltd ‘D’ Turf Care System is a heavy duty range which is ideal for use on sports pitches or any other large areas of turf.

Various attachments are available including the Deep Mounted Slitter (ref DSM), the Mounted Deep Aerator (Ref DAM), the Hollow Tine Corer (Ref DHTC) the De-Thatching Rake (Ref DDTC)The Sorrel Roller (Ref DSR) and a version of the slitter that has individually replaceable tines, (Ref DSM2).

SCH's ‘D’ Turf Care System

The carrying frame (Ref DMF) is three point linkage mounted (category 1) and has a floating roller to push back divots without closing the penetrations made by the attachments. There is also a weight tray which is used to add weight for extra penetration or can be used to carry tools.

The Mounted Frame (DMF) which is essential is priced at £620.00 plus VAT. Attachments start at £690.00 plus VAT.

Another popular item in the range is the Combination Turf Groomer (Ref 4GCS) (See photograph)

It’s a three point linkage mounted, multi-tasking unit that will groom pitches prior to use or after play. A star shaped slitter bar pierces the surface and increases drainage, then a brush and rake bards tickle over the surface enhancing the quality and appearance of the turf. A rear roller then firms up the surface and provides much admired striping.

All three tools on this all-in-one unit are independently adjustable for depth and pressure.

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