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Rain Bird’s New Irrigation Controller

Rain Bird’s New Irrigation Controller: Rain Bird’s new Wi-Fi ready ESP-TM2 irrigation controller has been designed for both residential and commercial applications. It is simple to use, offers highly flexible watering schedules and water saving features. End users and contractors can select exactly the right controller to tailor irrigation to the varying needs of different areas, zones and plant types within a landscape.

The ESP-TM2 will be attractive to both users and contractors alike. Filling a gap between Rain Bird’s proven ESP-RZX 4/6/8 zone controller and the ESP-ME controller with up to 22 stations, the new ESP-TM2 models are available with four, six, eight and twelve stations. There are three individual programs for each controller and up to four independent start times for each program in order to offer users highly flexible irrigation scheduling.

Rain Bird's New Irrigation Controller

The controller’s large back-lit LCD display gives good visibility in low light or bright sun. Quick programming can be undertaken in just three steps for ease of set-up. The turn dial is easy to navigate and simple to set for automatic and manual irrigation, date/time, run times and seasonal adjustment which allows easy reduction or increase of watering.

Advanced programming features include Permanent Days Off to postpone watering schedules when maintenance is planned or alternatively this facility can be used to set odd/even or cyclical irrigation schedules. Watering can be delayed up to 14 days and automatically resumed after the set delay has elapsed. Furthermore, a Contractor Default™ setting allows the user to save and restore a custom irrigation schedule easily.

There is an option to add a Rain Bird WR2 or RSD-BEX rain sensor to shut off irrigation in the event of rainfall, but a by-pass is also available for any station, giving the user or contractor the ability to customise which stations react to the sensor. There is also a one-touch manual watering facility.

For off-site management and programming, real-time alerts and the use of other advanced water management tools, ESP-TM2 controllers can be enabled for Wi-Fi remote control by iOS and Android mobile devices. This is achieved by simply plugging in Rain Bird’s separate LNK WiFi module into the controller’s accessory port. The readily available Rain Bird App can then be used for all remote programming and irrigation scheduling – particularly useful for contractors who manage installations and can save significantly on site visits.

Internet-based weather information can also be used, allowing daily adjustments to be made to the irrigation schedule in accordance with forecasts, potentially offering 30% water savings.

The ESP-TM2 controller can be installed indoors or outside and operates at 230 VAC @ 50/60 Hz.  Operating temperature is up to 65°C.

For more information contact: Peter Longman, Rain Bird Europe, Northern Europe Landscape Area Manager, plongman@rainbird.eu Tel: +44 7575 626600  www.rainbird.eu

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Versatile Battery Irrigation Controller

Versatile Battery Irrigation Controller: In many situations a standard mains powered irrigation controller cannot be used or is impractical. This includes applications where power is unavailable or hard landscaping make it is impossible or too costly to run mains cable. Alternatively, there may be instances where only a temporary solution is needed. Rain Bird’s new 9v WPX battery operated irrigation controller is ideal for all such situations and the company says it is a more versatile and user friendly solution than many other similar battery or mains controllers.

IP 68 compliant, 100 per cent water and dust proof, the WPX is fully submersible and ideal for installation in a valve box. With its solenoid mounting bracket, it locates easily on top of a solenoid valve. It can be used anywhere, including wet or muddy conditions. A tightly sealed dual battery chamber and waterproof case keeps water out, even in the harshest outdoor conditions. The use of Rain Bird’s DC series highly waterproof connectors will also ensure that connections do not deteriorate. A rubber cap protects the WPX’s LCD screen from dust and the effects of UV.

Versatile Battery Irrigation Controller

The highly versatile WPX can perform the same functions as a wired controller and available models can provide irrigation over 1,2,4 or 6 zones. They can offer multiple run times by zone with all common programming functions accessed on one  larger than average LCD screen with easy to read icons. The mode button is used for quick programming of start times, watering days of the week and run times for each zone. For fast initial set-up, Contractor Rapid Programming™ automatically copies the start times and watering days from the first zone to all other zones.

The automatic zone-stacking feature ensures that only one valve irrigates at a time. If zones are scheduled to water at the same time, the lower number zone will be automatically irrigated first. A dedicated manual watering button can be used by the owner to start an irrigation cycle manually and a separate button enables all or single zones to be watered on demand.

Dependent upon usage, the WPX will operate for about one year, using a single 9 volt battery, or up to two years with two. When the batteries are changed, all stored programming information is retained in the memory of the controller thanks to the Contractor Default™ save/restore feature. A detailed manual provides comprehensive programming and installation instructions for the contractor and user.

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