Enclean exceeds expectations

Enclean exceeds expectations: Enclean, a plant origin-based biocide from Belchim Crop Protection, picked up the innovation award in the consumables category at this year’s Saltex event.

“The successful launch of the product in 2020 has culminated in recent approval for use by Organic Farmers and Growers Limited (OF & G) across all organic systems and this prestigious award”, confirms Peter Corbett of Origin Amenity Solutions.

Enclean exceeds expectations

Enclean exceeds expectations

Having personally witnessed the development of Enclean from initial trials in 2017 Peter is well placed to discuss the merits of the new biocide, now widely seen as a “game-changer” in the professional biocide market.

Mr Corbett, who manages the commercial, technical and marketing of the chemical products portfolio for *Rigby Taylor (*now part of Origin Amenity Solutions) first saw the biocide in its development phase 4 years ago and was impressed with both its speed of action in eradicating algae and its positive effect on dealing with other green deposits that often build up on hard surfaces.

“From the outset when manufacturer Belchim Crop Protection first began trials on the active nonanoic acid, from which Enclean is derived, I saw the potential and, as a company, we recognised that there was a gap in the biocide market for it.

“Most de-greening chemicals require large volumes of product and water to break-down algae and green deposits. However, Enclean is fundamentally different in that it can be applied at low water volumes. One litre of Enclean mixed with water will treat well over 500m2. Being able to use a small knapsack sprayer fitted with a red 80-degree nozzle allows the operator much easier access to narrow pathways where algae can often build up.

“Enclean is plant derived, safe to use, and it has no environmental hazard classification. It’s fast acting and, once applied, it quickly degrades into natural elements leaving behind no harmful residue. Using a red 80-degree nozzle and maintaining the correct speed of application, 555m2 of coverage is readily achievable, and this is especially important for sprayer contractors who need to limit down-time spent on refilling” he confirms.

20 months on from its launch, 2 key pieces of customer feedback on Enclean that Peter has specifically noted have been its speed of activity, and the wider range of weather conditions that the biocide can be successfully applied in.

“Many traditional biocides cannot be applied in frosty conditions, or within 24 hours of rain. But with Enclean the application window is much wider, and very good results can be achieved even when temperature and weather conditions are far from perfect. Again, this is ideal for sprayer contractors who need to minimise down-time between jobs” he adds.

Peter’s positive feedback on the new biocide has now been reinforced by many recent customer testimonials, including both Royal Norwich Golf Club and Plymouth County Council.

Peter Todd, Director and Estates Manager at Royal Norwich Golf Club, first trialled Enclean last year.

“During the 2020 lockdown the club house patio became covered with algae. Due predominantly to lack of footfall, our high-quality stone slabs had become discoloured and slippery when wet. We sprayed with Enclean and over the next 2-3 days the algae had been controlled and the wet surface was no longer hazardous. The product removed the algae completely giving us lasting control. The treated area remained clean, and the surface regained its original colour despite the cold and wet conditions being less than ideal for biocide application.

“We also applied the product on the edge of the club’s parking area which had a mixture of algae and moss. Again, the control was rapid despite the wet and cold weather conditions. Using a shroud on the knapsack boom allowed us to spray neatly and obtain a sharp edge alongside the fine grass” he confirms.

David Houghton, Team Leader of Plymouth County Council, endorses Mr Todd’s feedback having trialled Enclean extensively during 2020 and 2021.

“Overall, and after a thorough test, we were very pleased with the results from the Enclean product. We were looking for a fast-acting biocide that is safe and easy to use. With Enclean we have found it” he says.

Summarising the products recent impact on the biocide market Peter concludes;

“Enclean looks to have a strong future in the amenity sector once customers understand that the cost of application per m2  is cost-competitive. One litre of Enclean treats 5-10 times the area of most competitor products and, due to lower water volumes, it can be applied much quicker and more efficiently. When customers recognise its greater sustainability and level of performance over market alternatives then I’m sure it will gain an even greater level of acceptance”.

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