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Ariens zero-turn mower faster on the spot

Ariens zero-turn mower faster on the spot: In 2005, zero-turn mowers accounted for just 5 per cent of the total lawn tractor market in the USA. This figure has now risen to around 52 per cent.

Zero-turn mowers have become the absolute standard there, whether for private or professional users. The demand for zero-turn mowers is also growing strongly in Europe. The reasons are obvious: significant time savings, more comfort, a long service life and, not to be underestimated, more fun when mowing.

Ariens zero-turn mower faster on the spot

Ariens zero-turn mower faster on the spot

 Mow 40 per cent faster

In contrast to classic lawn tractors with a steering wheel, Ariens zero-turn mowers are driven by two independently operating wheel motors on the rear wheels. The drive wheels are controlled individually with two steering levers. They can therefore move in the same or in different directions. In practice, this means that you can turn in one go – without having to manoeuvre forwards or backwards. There is no time-consuming turning with a zero-turn mower – obstacles can be circled precisely and in one go. This also means that less uncut grass remains in the turning area. The precision of an Ariens zero-turn mower significantly reduces the need for tedious cleaning out at the end. Another reason why zero-turn mowers are so fast is their low centre of gravity in combination with the large-volume, welded mowing deck. As a result, significantly higher mowing speeds are achieved compared to classic lawn tractors.

The preconception that zero-turn mowers are only worthwhile for professionals who have very large areas to mow can be debunked. We recommend taking a closer look at this option for lawns of 1000 m² or more. Zero-turn mowers are available from a cutting width of 86 cm. The device class with a cutting width of 86 cm – 107 cm, such as the two models Ariens Edge 34 and 42, is aimed at private individuals with larger properties. Especially in gardens with numerous obstacles such as flower beds and bushes and many turning manoeuvres, the time saved is enormous.

Ariens zero-turn mowers provide real mowing pleasure

In addition to the speed, the comfortable operation also speaks in favour of an Ariens zero-turn mower. The greater legroom compared to conventional lawn tractors and the comfortable seats, which can be optimally adjusted to the driver, ensure significantly more comfort. The low effort required for steering movements and the smooth-running controls also contribute to a pleasant working environment.

Ariens mowers are synonymous with durability. Compared to traditional ride-on mowers, Ariens uses significantly less plastic on its zero-turn mowers. High-quality frames and welded steel cutting decks ensure a long service life.  Premium engines and robust hydrostatic transmissions contribute to sustainability and resource conservation.

The fun of mowing

For users who have switched to an Ariens Zero-Turn, the conventional lawn tractor with steering wheel has had its day. And this is not least due to the fun of mowing. The combination of speed, manoeuvrability and comfort clearly contributes to this. 40 per cent faster also means that there is more time for other activities. Mowing without a grass collector also eliminates the tiring and annoying task of disposing of clippings. And the result is also perfect: high blade speeds and a strong airflow produce an excellent cutting pattern.

Anyone can drive a zero-turn

The generalised objection that users would not be able to cope with steering with two driving levers is untrue. Anyone can drive a zero-turning circle mower after a short period of familiarisation. Millions of private users prove it and no longer want to do without the advantages. This is easy to prove with a brief explanation of the functions and a test drive in the yard of a specialist dealer. The shopping trolley comparison is the best way to do this. Depending on the driving manoeuvre, the drive levers are moved accordingly (see diagram 3).

Practical trial and study prove the benefits

In a practical example from the online portal todaysmower.com, a classic lawn tractor and a zero-turn mower were tested on a 4000 m² area with 40 trees and other obstacles. The result was clear. The zero-turn mower was 40 per cent faster than the lawn tractor with the same mowing width (106 cm).

A comparison of the steering modes of conventional ride-on mowers and zero-turn mowers as part of a study conducted by the University of Hohenheim, Institute of Agricultural Engineering, also confirmed the aforementioned advantages. A practical comparison test between a conventional lawn tractor (107 cm mowing width) and an Ariens Ikon XD zero-turn mower (107 cm mowing width) showed that not only is the turning manoeuvre significantly faster, but the turning radius is also significantly smaller. The turning manoeuvre on the classic omega-shaped lawn tractor takes 5 seconds. In comparison, the Ariens IKONXD turns in just 3.7 seconds. When asked which of the two mowers the 17 test participants would buy, the answer was also clear. More than twice as many participants would opt for an Ariens zero-turn mower.

In conclusion, for a slightly higher purchase price, zero-turn mowers offer the user the time savings described above, a much more comfortable driving experience, a considerably more durable machine and not to forget – more fun when mowing.

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Wiedenmann Terra Spike Makes Aeration Faster For Knighton Heath

Extra 40cm Wiedenmann Terra Spike width makes aeration ever faster for Knighton Heath GC: When Alan Magee, Course Manger at Knighton Heath GC, upgraded his existing Wiedenmann Terra Spike, he simply chose a wider version thanks to having a bigger tractor.

The Bournemouth club enjoyed the excellent service of its GXi 6 which had been both nimble and quick.  However, in August a switch was made to the 1.8 m wide GXi8 HD, hoping those crucial extra 40 cm would make the operation even more efficient.

Wiedenmann Terra Spike Makes Aeration Faster For Knighton Heath

After full course circuits in August and September, Alan Magee couldn’t praise his new Terra Spike highly enough.  “On its first outing it got round all 18 greens and the putting green in seven hours when previously the narrower machine took 12.  The tees and approaches were virtually done in a day, just spilling into an extra hour the following morning to finish the final two. Time saved there was six hours – even using the 22 mm tines. ”

Fewer passes and turns speeded up the whole process but didn’t detract from the neatness and negligible disturbance.

“We’re very pleased indeed. The machine is quiet, smooth and exceptionally balanced. During the playing season on the greens we’ll use 10 mm tines and 12 mm in the winter, with tees and approaches the 22 mm.”

At the same time Alan Magee and his team of six  also took delivery of a Whisper Twister, Wiedenmann’s all-action blower with 180* of swivel and an airflow rate of 200 m³/minute.

“Can’t fault that one either,” he said. “Primarily it’s for managing the broader leaves and then  later in the season the pine needles.  Every day we find more tasks.  Last week we cut the rough and scarified the fairways. Tidy up would normally have involved four people with back pack blowers.  But after letting it dry a little we followed through with the Whisper Twister which required only one person on the tractor, again making everything more efficient.”

On hand throughout the sales process was, Andy Frost, grounds care specialist from Wiedenmann dealer, EG Coles at Shaftesbury.

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