Celebrate ‘Have a Field Day’ 2019

Celebrate ‘Have a Field Day’ 2019: UK green space charity, Fields in Trust, is inviting people to take part in a national celebration of parks and green spaces on “Have a Field Day”, Saturday 6th July. Thousands of people across the UK will come together once again this summer for picnics with their friends and neighbours, to celebrate the green spaces that are so special to the local communities who care for them.

Community events in parks are a great way to connect with our neighbours and celebrate our local communities. With the clocks springing forward, people across the UK are looking forward to getting outdoors this summer and enjoying their local green spaces – Have a Field Day provides the perfect opportunity.

Celebrate 'Have a Field Day' 2019

Research published by Fields in Trust demonstrates that using local green spaces improves physical health and mental wellbeing and that access to green space leads to people feeling healthier, happier and becoming more active as a result. However, it is not just better health – recent reports and publications from government departments have repeatedly referenced the importance of parks and green spaces in reaching many public policy goals; including:

  • The Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government’s Integrated Communities Action Plan which identifies the importance of parks and green spaces as spaces where people can meet, mix and strengthen local connections
  • DEFRA’s 25-year Environment Plan, which includes proposals to improve air and water quality, enhance wildlife habitats and use green spaces to improve public health and wellbeing.
  • The Government’s Childhood Obesity Plan references “limited access to green spaces” as a contributory cause and encourages local authorities to “…ensure access to quality green space to promote physical activity”.
  • The value of parks and green spaces is also referenced in DCMS’s “Civil Society Strategy”, as well as their “A Connected Society” plan where the value of parks in tackling loneliness is discussed.

Fields in Trust are inviting people to plan a summer picnic. Have a Field Day on Saturday 6th July is an opportunity for people to champion their local parks and green spaces by enjoying spending time in them, at the same time as connecting with neighbours and friends in joining a movement of fellow park users across the UK. These green spaces are good, they do good and by championing them through Have a Field Day people can help to protect them for good.

Fields in Trust Policy Manager Alison McCann said: “Our research shows that parks and green spaces have an important role in society and can help to transform lives. These are spaces where communities can come together, tackling social isolation and loneliness, as well as contribute to improved mental and physical health and help to tackle the childhood obesity crisis. However, first and foremost they are places for play, sport and recreation; Have a Field Day is a way to celebrate all the positive things we love about the UKs parks and green spaces”

Fields in Trust was founded by King George V in 1925 and is a UK charity that actively champions parks and green spaces by protecting them in perpetuity. Over 2,800 spaces have been protected since our foundation. In 1934 – 85 years ago – the first Playing Fields Day was held; Have a Field Day is the current version of this earlier commemoration.

Held every year on the first Saturday in July, Have a Field Day in 2018 saw an estimated 30,000 people across the UK come together to celebrate their parks and green spaces. Over 100 events ranged from small community picnics to large parties and fetes. In 2019 park users are again encouraged to champion their local green spaces with picnics as well as events which reflect how the spaces serve their local communities and 2019 is already set to be even bigger.

If you are planning a Have a Field Day picnic in your park on Saturday 6th July 2019, visit the Fields in Trust website,, to find out more and sign-up. All registered picnics will receive a free support pack through the post including bunting, posters and activity cards.

Participating in Have a Field Day is a way for communities to champion their green spaces, call for their protection from development and raise awareness of the positive impact they have on our health and wellbeing.

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Kubota’s New Field Service Manager

Kubota’s New Field Service Manager: Kubota UK has announced the appointment of Martin Tyler as its Field Service Manager. This is a new management role created within the organisation to offer more support to its extensive independent dealer network and end-user customers.

Martin will take full responsibility and control of all Kubota UK field service activities. This will include field product quality reporting, Kubota’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, Dealer Service Excellence, the development of service business activities and the resolution of any customer or dealer warranty enquiries.

Kubota's New Field Service Manager

Keith Miller, Service & Training Manager at Kubota UK, said: “At Kubota, we are constantly investing in new and innovative ways in which we can enhance the service we provide to both our dealer network and end-user customers. The creation of this new role will provide a more focused approach to Kubota UK’s service provision, and is yet another example of our continued commitment to provide service excellence.”

Bringing more than 20 years industry experience to his new role, Martin joined Kubota in 2014 as a Regional Service Manager for the East of England, before being promoted to Service Supervisor for Agricultural Tractors. Previous to this, Martin spent the majority of his career at a New Holland dealer. He started as an apprentice and quickly rose through the ranks of Senior Service Technician, Warranty Administrator and finally to Service Manager.

Martin commented: “Our dealer network plays a pivotal role in sustaining our position as a first-class machinery provider, so ensuring we can provide them the highest levels of service and support is paramount.

“The creation of this new role will enable Kubota to enhance its close working relationships with its dealers. It will ensure they have dedicated support and access to all the necessary tools and advice needed, to enhance their business operations. This in turn will lead to better service levels provided to our end-user customers.”

For more information on Kubota UK visit or call 01844 268000.

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Koro Field Topmaker At Provo GC

Koro Field Topmaker At Provo GC: Golf courses find their home in a variety of places, but Provo Golf Course, based in the Turks & Caicos Islands, is located on the edge of a 40-square mile island, which makes it one of the more unique locations, providing with it the unique challenges of Caribbean weather.

Whilst the thought of an endless summer brings golfers to the resort, the perpetual heat allows thatch to grow in vast quantities, leaving course superintendent, Tim Mack, seeking an alternative more effective machine than his current system, to remove thatch from his fairways and roughs.

Koro Field Topmaker At Provo GC

Online research and further examination in person at a GCSAA tradeshow culminated in the decision to use the KoroÒ FIELD TOPMAKERÒ (FTM) with UniverseÒ rotor, with a particular focus on removing thatch rather than removing the surface completely.

“Providenciales has an arid and hot climate. We have 365 days of growing weather (nothing goes dormant), which means we produce an ample amount of thatch,” Tim explains. “Also, weed and insect pressure are high due to no eradication from temperature changes.

“In other words, everything is a perennial, there are no annuals here. Some other unique challenges relate to being on a 40-square mile island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. We have no natural fresh water sources, so we utilize R.O. water – which is very expensive – blended with some well (brackish) and reclaimed water (brackish). Salt management is a major component of our management strategies.

“I think the Universe® rotor for the Koro® FTM® is a fantastic tool for thatch management, but currently, we are using the FTMÒ with Universe® rotor, for a turf conversion project, changing from Bermuda to Seashore Paspalum. After eradicating the existing turf with several pesticide applications, we were able to strip 30 acres (front 9 wall to wall) with the machine in 3 weeks, which we were very impressed by. We will use the same strategy for the back 9 next summer.”

Koro Field Topmaker At Provo GC

Despite the initial purpose of the machine being to remove thatch, Tim has used it on a number of other areas around the course, taking full advantage of what the patented Universe® Rotor and KORO® FTMÒ offer. In replacing his previous machine, he believes he now has much more powerful, efficient and cleaner end product, something that’s vital for surface hygiene in a continuous growing environment.

Using the Koro® to its full extent means with the 10mm Universe® blades, I have been able to strip the first 9 holes, and with the 3mm Universe® Finesse blades we will be going into future operations for verti-cutting fairways and larger tees a couple of times a year, as well as other plans.  It is a very versatile and well-built piece of equipment, and we are very happy that we chose to purchase a KoroÒ FIELDTOPMAKER® complete with Universe® rotor.

“We are very pleased with the efficiency and accuracy of the machine.  Also, Richard Campey and his team have provided great support.

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