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A new era for electric loaders

A new era for electric loaders: Working with an electric loader is now more efficient than ever – even in extremely cold conditions. Avant Tecno presents the renewed e series and the third generation of fully electric loaders, whose unique battery technology further improves the capacity, pricing, safety, working time, durability, and lifespan of electric loaders. With a fully charged Avant e527, you can work all day.

Finnish compact loader manufacturer Avant Tecno has been at the forefront of the development of electric loaders for decades. Now, Avant is launching two next generation fully electric loader models, the Avant e513 and Avant e527, which will renew the Avant e series and replace their predecessors, the Avant e5 and e6 models. The new loaders will enter production in January 2024.

A new era for electric loaders

A new era for electric loaders

Unique battery technology

The new loaders are equipped with Avant OptiTemp® battery packs (13 kWh and 27 kWh) manufactured by Avant Tecno’s subsidiary Avant Power. The globally unique battery technology brings capacity to a whole new level, and the energy density of the batteries is among the best in the world. The thermal management system of the patented lithium-ion batteries guarantees the same capacity in hot and extremely cold temperatures. Multi-level protection makes Avant OptiTemp® batteries very safe.

Power for demanding professional use

The new Avant e513 and Avant e527 loaders are almost identical, but the only difference lies in the capacity of the batteries. The Avant e513 (13 kWh) is a good choice for short-term continuous use on cattle farms, horse stables, greenhouses or DIY and leisure time, for example. The Avant e527 loader (27 kWh) with a larger battery is ideal for demanding professional use. Construction and demolition contractors will benefit from this model.

The fully electric Avants are ideal for working in confined spaces and on construction sites that have strict limits on noise and emissions.

A full workday on a single charge

When fully charged in the morning, the Avant e527 loader (27kWh) can be used for a whole working day. The maximum operating time of the machine is about 6 hours for medium-duty work, whereas for Avant e513, it is about 3 hours. The battery of both loaders can be fully charged with a fast charger in under 1.5 hours, allowing for long working days.

A new era for electric loaders

A new era for electric loaders

“For years, the market has been longing for fully electric loaders that would be more like diesel loaders in terms of functionality. Until now, operating time and pricing have been key issues related to electric loaders, but with Avant’s new e series, we solve them both”, says Jani Käkelä, CEO of Avant Tecno.

The renewed Avant e series

  • Fully electric loader series. Zero-emission, very quiet. Low operating and maintenance costs.
  • Two models: Avant e513 (battery capacity 13 kWh) and Avant e527 (battery capacity 27 kWh).
  • Excellent capacity in hot conditions and severe frosts.
  • Fast charge in under 1.5 hours. Type 2 charging, built-in 3 kW battery charger. The maximum charging current has been increased by 50% compared to previous Avant electric loaders.
  • Two electric motors: one for driving hydraulics, and one for auxiliary hydraulics, boom, and steering. Thanks to the electric motor, maximum torque is immediately applied, which ensures excellent thrust.
  • The further improved cooling system in the engine package keeps the machine’s heat under control even in soft terrain. Increased load resistance in short-term hard work.
  • The updated multifunction display provides information on battery status, temperature, power consumption, operating hours, auxiliary hydraulics output, maintenance needs, and more.
  • Same appearance as in Avant’s diesel-powered 500 and 600 series loaders.

Technical Information:

Technical information: Model Avant e513 Avant e527
Voltage 44 V 44 V
Capacity 13 kWh 27 kWh
Operating time* 3 hours 6 hours
Lift capacity 900 kg 900 kg
Li height, max. 2 790 mm 2 790 mm
Drive speed, max. 10 km/h 10 km/h
Weight 1420 kg 1500 kg
Auxiliary hydraulics 30 l/min 30 l/min

*In medium duty loading work; no hydraulic attachments used.

Charging Times:

Charging times: Loader model Avant e513 Avant e527
Onboard charger 3 kW (standard) 2 h 50 min 5 h 40 min
Rapid charger 400 V / 16 A (option) 1 h 10 min 2 h 20 min
Rapid charger 400 V / 32 A (option) 1 h 10 min

*Charging time is affected by prevailing conditions and temperature. The charging times are indicated from 10% to 80% of the battery’s available charge level (SOC).

For more information, please visit www.avant.co.uk 

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The new Avant 635i and 640i loaders

The new Avant 635i and 640i loaders: Finnish compact loader manufacturer Avant Tecno has introduced two new loader models in the popular Avant 600 series: the single-speed Avant 635i and the double-speed Avant 640i.

Both new models have the all-new Kohler KSD engine, which provides more usable power because of its electronic injection and simple operation with no exhaust after-treatment necessary.

The new Avant 635i and 640i loaders

The new Avant 635i and 640i loaders

Building on the globally recognised Avant concept of compact but mighty machines, the new Avant 635i and 640i models complete the renewal of the Avant 600 series. It is popular in many fields of work such as landscaping, farming, property maintenance, construction and demolition, and horse stables.

The new Avant 635i travels at 12 km/h, and the maximum speed of Avant 640i is 23 km/h. Both models are equipped with a certified ROPS/FOPS canopy as standard – the modern, spacious GT cab enclosure with ergonomic design is also available, providing more safety and operator comfort.

Kohler KSD engine and high oil flow
The completely new electronically controlled Kohler KSD 1403 engine is a common rail diesel engine with a displacement of 1.4 litres and an output of 26 hp / 19 kW. The engine was designed with the requirements of the latest Stage V and Tier 4 Final emission standards in mind: its power and other features have been optimised to 19 kilowatts, eliminating the need for a particulate filter.

The three-cylinder naturally aspirated engine gives the machine plenty of torque in the low rev range. Also, there is very little power drop in high altitudes. The electronic injection adapts to varying load conditions much better than a conventional injection system.

An Avant user will notice this when doing earthmoving work with a bucket. Pushing and lifting simultaneously won’t stall the engine.

Thanks to the new diesel engine, the auxiliary hydraulics’ previous output of 50 l/min has been increased to an oil flow of 66 l/min, which is exceptionally high in this power class.

The new 635i/640i models work very well with hydraulic attachments that require higher flow, which enables an even more versatile and efficient use of the loader.

New features and a new look
The Avant 635i and 640i models have a safety-enhancing electric power distribution unit (PDU), where most of the fuses and relays are located. The safety features of the loader are now controlled by a separate electronic control unit of the loader (VECU).

In the cab, separate gauges have now been replaced by a convenient multi-function display. It provides the Avant user with varied information on the loader, such as engine speed, oil flow of auxiliary hydraulics, fuel quantity, current fuel consumption, outside temperature, hydraulic oil temperature, load alarm, total operating hours, maintenance info and fault codes. All this is available in 11 different languages.

The design of the machines and the cover panels are identical with the 645i/650i models, which makes the appearance very modern and the loaders easy to service at the same time.

Available now In Stage V and Tier 4 final countries, the new Avant 635i and 640i models replace the previous models, Avant 635 and Avant 640. In Stage 3 countries, the range will continue to include the 635 and 640 models with 37 hp Kubota engines, and the new “i” models (635i and 640i) with the Kohler KSD engine will be offered additionally.

For further information, please contact Avant Tecno (UK) on 0800 015 8482 or visit www.avanttecno.com/uk

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Bobcat presents new telescopic loaders

Bobcat presents new telescopic loaders: The top-of-the-range TL43.80HF Agri telescopic loader will be shown for the first time on the Doosan Bobcat Stand No 17.310 in Hall 17 at the LAMMA agricultural machinery show in Birmingham in the UK from 7-8 January 2020.

Bobcat will also show the TL30.60 model, which with the TL43.80HF is part of the newly expanded Bobcat range of seven telescopic loaders for the farming market covering maximum lifting capacities between 2.6 and 4.3 tonne with lifting heights from 6 to 8 m.

Bobcat presents new telescopic loaders

Another feature of the Bobcat LAMMA stand will be tracked loaders from Bobcat, emphasising some of the advantages they offer over wheeled machines in terms of traction, stability and lift capacity. These will include the first appearance in the UK of the Bobcat S70 quad-tracked concept machine, featuring quad-tracks that are bolted on to the frame of the loader. Alongside, Bobcat will also be showing the company’s smallest compact track loader – the T450.

Best Loading Productivity for Agriculture

The TL43.80HF Agri*** provides a real solution for the heavy-duty, high-productivity segment of the agricultural market, combining several new features to take lift capacity, lifting height and breakout force to unprecedented levels. Thanks to a maximum lift capacity of 4.3 tonne and a maximum lift height of almost 8 m, combined with the fastest boom movement available in this market and the high 190 l/min hydraulic flow, farmers are now able to lift more, faster and to use higher capacity buckets for the highest loading productivity available.

In addition, unlike any other manufacturer on the market, all Bobcat telescopic loaders including the TL43.80HF and TL30.60 are covered by a three year/3000-hour warranty as standard. There is also the option of extending the warranty to five years/5000 hours.

Adapting For Any Terrain With Tracks

The T450 presents what is already available in the market-leading compact track loader range from Bobcat. This is due to their unique characteristics as tool carriers and the wide array of attachments that they can work with, from trenchers, augers, graders, soil conditioners, scarifiers and dozer blades to more specialist attachments such as flail cutters and wood chippers. As tool carriers, compact track loaders can provide increased productivity in many conditions with a lifting capacity approximately 25% more than the equivalently sized wheeled loaders.

Low Ground Pressure

Approximately three times less than wheeled machines, the low ground disturbance of compact track loaders allows them to work on delicate surfaces, such as established lawns or asphalt roads for surface repair and utility work, minimizing damage and reducing the need for tidying up after the job is complete. While wheeled machines may outperform tracked machines for sheer manoeuvrability on hard surfaces, the rubber tracked undercarriage on track loaders ensures improved traction and stability on rough terrain; soft, sandy surfaces and in wet, muddy conditions.

For more information about Bobcat and Bobcat products, visit the website www.bobcat.com

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MClassic Hydraulic Loaders Introduced

MClassic Hydraulic Loaders Introduced: Distributor AgriArgo UK has introduced a front-end loader for the new McCormick X2 Series compact tractor line-up with mechanical parallel linkage fitted as standard for ease of use and added safety.

The McCormick MClassic 25 loader adds to the versatility and usefulness of the 43hp, 47hp and 54hp mechanical drive X2 Series tractors, giving them the ability to load and re-handle materials from manure and feed to gravel and soil, or to lift bales, pallets and small bulk containers.

MClassic Hydraulic Loaders Introduced

“The X2 Series tractors – which replaced our GM models – are small but durable machines that are often used as scraper tractors on dairy farms and for different paddock management and grounds maintenance applications,” says Ray Spinks, general manager and sales director.

“With a loader fitted, the little tractor becomes even more useful, especially as it can get into buildings and other locations that are denied to larger, more powerful tractors and handlers.”

With a lift capacity of 740kg from the ground to the full lift height of 2.60m, the McCormick MClassic 25 loader will typically handle a 530kg payload (measured from the load centre) when equipped with a multi-purpose bucket.

To minimise the risk of spillage back on to the operator – especially important on X2 tractors without a cab – mechanical self-levelling of the attachment is fitted as standard.

“This feature also makes the loader easier to use, of course,” notes Ray Spinks. “Once the bucket or fork has been crowded back, it will remain in the chosen position as the loader arms are raised.”

A quick-attach faceplate makes it easy to switch between different implements and a hydraulic third service is installed for operating attachments such as a muck fork with grab or a four-in-one bucket.

Boom and implement carriage movements are controlled by a cable joystick, making it easy to manipulate the loader and position it accurately.

The lack of joint welds in the loader’s one-piece curved arms adds to the durability of a design that, in its lowered position, keeps the attachment as near the front of the tractor as possible for compactness and good lift performance.

And the matching shape of the combined parallel linkage arms and tip/crowd cylinders not only gives the loader a neat appearance but also ensures the best possible forward visibility.

Two drop-down legs, and quick-attach mechanical and hydraulic couplings, make it easy to remove and mount the MClassic 25 loader, which is available with a selection of performance-matched attachments.

The McCormick X2 Series tractors come with a 12×12 or 16×16 speed transmission, synchro shuttle, and four-wheel drive with a rear diff lock and front limited slip differential.

They can be had with an open operator’s platform and ROPS roll-over protection or with a fully enclosed cab to provide added comfort in all weather conditions.

The new loaders can also be fitted to their predecessors in the McCormick range, the GM Series tractors.

McCormick MClassic 25 loader for 43-54hp X2 Series tractors
Lift height to pivot pin 2.60m
Height beneath level bucket 2.40m
Dumped bucket clearance 2.05m
Dump angle – full height 50deg
Crowd angle – ground level 46deg
Lift capacity – full height 740kg
Payload – multi-purpose bucket 530kg
Standard equipment includes mechanical parallel lift, cable joystick control, quick-coupling hydraulic hoses, quick-attach latches, drop-down parking legs.

For more information go to mccormick.agriargouk.co.uk

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