Bionema Demo Nematode Application

Bionema Demo Nematode Application: Bionema Ltd, a leading biopesticide technology developer, has released a new case study video for the control of chafer grubs in turf.  The video provides step by step guidelines to greenkeepers, groundsmen and course managers in how to apply the beneficial nematodes (roundworms).

Bionema has seen excellent success in recent nematode field trials conducted on the chafer infestation experienced at the Grove Golf Club, Watford. These eco-friendly and chemical free methods of destroying chafer grubs are shaping the biopesticide industry.

Bionema Demo Nematode Application

We have seen an increase in the success of nematode applications by educating users on correct application techniques” said Dr Minshad Ansari, CEO of Bionema.  Bionema’s pest control products are available through Rigby Taylor, a leading distributor to the turf and amenity sector. “Our goal is to see an improvement in nematode efficacy by educating greenkeepers, groundsmen and race course managers in the correct application of beneficial nematodes”.

The new two-minute video outlines the benefits of training and good application techniques for chafer control in turf, it also explains the importance of product quality, storage and correct handling.

As each female chafer beetle can lay 100-300 eggs in June, this treatment involves beneficial nematodes attacking and destroying the larvae of the chafer grubs therefore preventing them from developing further population.  We recommend combining the nematode application with the BeetlesAttra chafer monitoring traps for optimum results.

Bionema’s NemaTrident® – a range of beneficial nematode products are safe and non-toxic to users and the environment.  It is targeted towards specific pests and thus avoids harming beneficial insects. This safe and environmentally friendly method has a 70-100% kill rates and is on average 20-30% more effective than other nematode products on the market.

Phillip Chiverton, Course Manager at the Grove, said in the video:

“We have seen 80% reduction of chafer grubs in the first year with Bionema’s NemaTrident® solution, with continuous progress in years two and three. The product costs less money than the chemical treatment, it’s more sustainable for the environment and so is a much better way of dealing with this current issue”.

Bionema are one of the few organizations that focus on a chemical-free method of crop protection and bio-control. All products that are developed are natural products, which use fungi, bacteria and nematodes to help reduce the use of chemical pesticides as well as offering an effective treatment for regulating chafer grub as well as other common pests.

The current problem is so serious, that an emergency summit is to be held with the aim of finding industry-led solutions to the threat of Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets in the turf industry The Summit will take place on 9th May 2019 at Burton Albion Football, Staffordshire. Attendance at this industry summit is vital to those in the industry that want to develop a long-term preventative strategy for Chafers and Leatherjackets. There are a limited number of free places available, which can be reserved by emailing

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BASF Launch Nematode Challenge

BASF Launch Nematode Challenge: BASF, the leading producer of beneficial nematodes used as pest control in British gardens, is on the search for volunteers to take part in its 2019 Nematode Challenge.

The Sussex-based company grows trillions of beneficial nematodes for use in its Nemasys range of pest controls. After an initial launch in 2017, the company has decided to run its Nematode Challenge for 2019. It will also, for a second successive year exclusively be launched in conjunction with the National Allotment Society (NAS).

BASF Launch Nematode Challenge

The representative body has over 125,000 members in which it assists them to acquire, maintain, manage and enjoy allotments across the UK.

Diane Appleyard, marketing co-ordinator at the NAS said: “We are thrilled to be working with BASF again to help build awareness of the benefits of nematodes. By working together, we can educate our members on how to keep their allotments pest-free whilst also having fun outdoors in our garden or allotment – a win-win situation!”

If you have not yet tried nematodes, then you will be surprised at just how simple and easy they are in helping get rid of garden or allotment pests. All of the six products are simply mixed with water and either applied from a watering can with a coarse rose or sprayed onto the foliage and soil, depending on the variety.

This process is repeated throughout the season, from the moment that the first signs of pests occur and can be easily slotted into your regular watering routine. There is no need to keep children or pets away from treated areas and the whole programme is entirely biological, meaning all the products can be used by organic gardeners.

Despite this simplicity, and their many benefits, many gardeners and growers are put off by them, thinking them to be too complicated or expensive.

So, in order to tackle this mindset, BASF is looking for 25 volunteers across the UK to give beneficial nematodes a try and to report on their results. The allotment gardeners will represent a diverse range soil types and growing problems, along with, no doubt, preconceptions about nematodes.

Volunteering couldn’t be easier, and the whole process is designed to be as easy as possibly, adding as little work to the allotments-holders as possible. To get involved, all you have to do is email by 8th April 2019.

Successful volunteers will be supplied with a free season’s worth of Nemaslug, along with a short, initial questionnaire to fill in, which will contain questions such as:

  • Where is your allotment garden?
  • What do you grow?
  • How would you rate your recent slug problems?
  • Which pest control products do you usually use?
  • Which have been successful?
  • Do you actively encourage wildlife into your allotment?

In late September, results and feedback questionnaires will be circulated, containing questions about how the volunteers found their experience of using Nemaslug, and whether they would use it again.

This is a great opportunity to try something new, and you may just find your new favourite pest control solution!

If you are interested, please get in touch and we will send further information.

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