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Discover PrecisionPro At BTME

Discover PrecisionPro At BTME: A visit to the Sherriff Amenity stand (110), located in the Blue Zone at BTME 2019, will offer attendees an opportunity to find out more about the award winning PrecisionPro app, which recently scooped the SALTEX 2018 Innovation of the Year Award.

PrecisionPro, is a dedicated app for sports turf to measure any area, guide the operator in calibrating a spreader for any granular product and also help apply fertilisers accurately. It was created due to the common issue of turf managers misjudging green/sport surface size which often results in problems such as over applying or under applying fertilisers – both of which can have a negative effect on turf performance, disease and budget.

Discover PrecisionPro At BTME

PrecisionPro allows turf managers to have an accurate measured area by simply opening the app and walking the perimeter of the area. Calibrating spreaders has always been a difficult task but with the Calibrate feature in the PrecisionPro app, users are guided through each step of the process. Furthermore, its advanced GPS functionality informs the user when to start and stop the calibration process.

The app also features a function to ensure that every operator walks at the same speed – if someone is walking too fast or too slow then they are alerted by colour coded screens. As well as calculating the g/m2 and the operator’s walking speed, the Apply feature ultimately ensures that the exact amount of nutrition is being applied to the turf.

Sherriff Amenity’s all new Plant Bio-Stimulant Guide, which will be available to pick up on the stand, seeks to explain the term ‘Plant Bio-stimulant’ and explores the activity of an extensive range of plant bio-stimulants, along with their specific claims and intended area of influence. The guide also includes a table of bio-stimulants, indicating their main benefits and specialisation. There are also further considerations on choosing the correct bio-stimulant product, relative to its area of use and to ensure, the purchase of a quality product, given current UK bio-stimulant regulations.

Turf professionals visiting BTME will also be in with a chance of winning some warm merchandise clothing. Simply visit the stand to register your interest and by the end of the day you could be walking away with an Evolution fertiliser branded hoodie or a PrecisionPro branded snood.

The Sherriff Amenity technical team will be out in force at BTME and will be on hand to offer any advice on all things turf. The stand will also feature a coffee barista so why not visit stand 110 in the Blue Zone, have a coffee and find out just how Sherriff Amenity can make a significant difference to the way you manage your turf.

For further information, please contact Sherriff Amenity on 01638 721 888 or visit www.sherriffamenity.com