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SCH Ltd Has One Of Its Busiest Quarters

SCH (Supplies) Ltd has had one of its busiest quarters since it began trading more than thirty years ago.

SCH Ltd Has One Of Its Busiest Quarters

We are delighted to be taking so many orders – a sign, we feel, of the faith that our customers and dealers have in us as a company.

This has been a busy time for us also because our Managing Director, Andrew Rodwell, has suffered a little of late with a few health problems. We are glad to say he is now on the road to recovery and has certainly lost none of his enthusiasm, continuing to invent new machines and investigate various new ways of taking our products to the market.

Andrew is still very much in overall command of SCH but has handed over the day to day running of the business to Ian Holder, SCH’s General Manager, and to Jenny Wiggins, Sales Administrator.

Ian has been with SCH for 12 years. He knows the operational aspects of the factory inside out and can step in with seemingly boundless energy, and take over in all departments where needed. Ian also has in intuitive understanding of the SCH machinery. Having been closely involved in the development of some of the SCH products, he has an eye for detail and an ability to spot potential problems from a mile away!

Jenny keeps the office running like clockwork. Answering customer questions, arranging courier deliveries and trying her best to keep Andrew in order means Jenny has her work cut out. Her knowledge of the SCH products is incredible and she always goes the extra mile to ensure our customers and dealers receive the best possible service from SCH. Having worked here for 15 years, there is nothing that Jenny can’t handle and no problem to which she cannot find a solution.

So with Ian and Jenny on board and with the support of the rest of the team, Andrew is confident that SCH will continue to go from strength to strength. He can enjoy a slower pace of life, enjoy his (semi) retirement and oversee the next chapter in the SCH story.

Thanks to all our dealers and customers, many of whom have been dealing with us since we first began trading all those years ago. And here’s to the next thirty years.