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Seattle University’s Field Specialist applauds SISIS sweeper

Seattle University’s Field Specialist applauds SISIS sweeper: Seattle University’s commitment to maintaining first-class athletic and sporting facilities has received a significant boost with the introduction of the SISIS SSS1000 towed sweeper.

Peter Larson, the Athletic Field Specialist overseeing the university’s sports grounds, has praised the efficiency and versatility of this innovative machine, particularly in its ability to effectively pick up grass clippings on both synthetic and natural grass pitches.

Seattle University's Field Specialist applauds SISIS sweeper

Seattle University’s Field Specialist applauds SISIS sweeper

The SSS1000 sweeper serves as an indispensable tool for maintaining pristine playing surfaces. Featuring a spiral rotary brush, it efficiently sweeps debris into a mesh hopper, allowing for the preservation of pitch infill. This crucial functionality not only enhances the aesthetics of the field but also ensures the safety and performance standards demanded by athletes.

Regular cleaning of synthetic surfaces is vital to avoid contamination and remove potentially harmful debris before play. The SSS1000 has proven instrumental in achieving this goal for Seattle University, providing Peter and his team with a fast work rate that helps keep the surfaces in optimal condition.

One of the standout features of the SSS1000 is its adaptability to different surfaces. Whether it’s synthetic turf or natural grass, the sweeper’s adjustable brush height ensures thorough cleaning without causing damage. Furthermore, its unique spiral brush design minimises vibration, guaranteeing constant brush contact with the surface for consistent results.

Peter’s journey with the SISIS Sweeper began with its introduction at the Sports Field Management Association (SFMA) Trade Show in 2023. Drawn by the promise of a quieter and more efficient alternative to their previous equipment, Peter was impressed by the sweeper’s self-propelled technology.

“I was looking for a tow behind sweeper for our synthetic field to replace our previous machine,” says Peter. “The old machine was effective at sweeping however it was too loud. I was interested in the self-propelled technology and friends at the Seahawks Training Facility gave the SSS1000 a ringing endorsement. They provided us with a demo on their grass field to show how effective it is at picking up grass clippings.”

Reflecting on his experience with the sweeper, Peter notes its intuitive operation and quiet operation as standout qualities. “We have used the SISIS Sweeper on our synthetic field and recently we brought it over to our soccer pitch to sweep up grass clippings – it gets the job done,” he remarks. “In both cases, I appreciate the quiet nature of the machine. It is intuitive and easy to operate.”

“I highly recommend this product. It works well on synthetic and natural grass fields, which is difficult to find in a sweeper,” adds Peter.

As Seattle University continues to prioritise the maintenance and enhancement of its athletic facilities, the SISIS SSS1000 towed sweeper offers superior performance and versatility.

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