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Volunteer groundsman praises ICL iTurf programme

Volunteer groundsman praises ICL iTurf programme – Adrian Cutliffe, Head Groundsman at Maginn Park in Buncrana, Ireland, has reported that a tailor-made ICL iTurf programme has provided him with fantastic results and excellent value for money.

Volunteer groundsman praises ICL iTurf programme

Adrian, who works for Pitch Dimensions – specialists in pitch construction and maintenance, has been voluntarily maintaining the surface at Maginn Park for the past 15 years. It is the official headquarters of the Inishowen Football League (IOFL) – an amateur league for football clubs in the Inishowen peninsula of Ireland, and is widely regarded as one of the most important pitches in the league.

As well as hosting cup finals and other tournaments, Maginn Park is also the current residence for Ireland Premier Division side Derry City FC while their pitch is undergoing renovation. With approximately 72 games per season and just a three week renovation period each year, Adrian has his work cut out to keep the pitch in good shape, whilst managing on a very limited budget.

At the start of every season Adrian and Colman Warde, Ireland Country Manager for ICL, will sit down to design a tailor made iTurf programme specifically for Maginn Park. By taking the iTurf approach, Colman and Adrian plan season-long effective programmes and solutions for establishing and maintaining healthy, resilient turf.

The programme sees Adrian start the year in early March with an application of ProTurf 20.0.7 to get the grass plant up and running.. This is followed in late April by the first of a monthly foliar application which Adrian applies from March to September. The foliar application combines ICL’s Ultimate Package 1 (consisting of Greenmaster Liquid Spring & Summer and Primo Maxx) which is mixed with Sportsmaster WSF SeaMax and Sportsmaster Liquid Fe. This combination is applied to promote denser growth, better rooting and also to build-up a tolerance to heavy wear, which is much needed for a pitch with such heavy usage.

In early May, SierrablenPlus Spring Starter is applied as a base feed, which gives Adrian long lasting results for three months.

During Adrian’s short renovation period he uses ProSelect Premium Pitch and Sportsmaster Spring & Summer to promote seed strike. Three weeks later, in early August, he will apply SierrablenPlus Active 19.5.18 + 2MgO as a base feed which will see him through until the end of the growing season. An application of ProTurf 12.5.20 is also made to help aid recovery through the autumn and winter period. This is supplemented with a tank-mix of Sportsmaster Liquid Iron Fe, Sportsmaster WSF SeaMax and Sportsmaster WSF Hi K.

As a volunteer with a limited budget, it is essential that every product works for Adrian and he believes that the ICL iTurf programme provides him with the perfect solution.

“As a premium brand, most would expect the ICL iTurf programme to be out of reach for a volunteer with a very limited budget. I would strongly argue otherwise because it has been an very cost-effective solution for me. When you sit down and do the maths, you work out that the ICL products are actually cheaper than others over a long-term period because they work so well and last significantly longer than most other products.

“The results have been outstanding and the pitch at Maginn Park has been in its best ever condition. The other thing to consider is that, as a volunteer I can’t always be here every day, so with the iTurf programme in place I know exactly where I am with everything at all times.”

Please contact ICL on 01473 237100 or visit www.icl-sf.co.uk or www.icl-sf.ie if you are in Ireland.