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Windstorm scores highly at North Hants

Windstorm scores highly at North Hants: At Saltex 2023, on the STM Co Ltd stand, Sam Evans, the Course Manager at the prestigious North Hants Golf Club, and his Grounds team took particular interest in the SCAG Windstorm debris blower. This is a stand-on zero-turn machine with a 37HP motor, 10mph ground speed and a […]


STM at SALTEX: The SCAG range, supplied in the UK and parts of Europe by STM Co Ltd continues to grow, with new additions to the mowing range, but also the arrival of the AerStorm Aerator to accompany the Turf Storm seeder, creating the complete turf package – from creation to management. On the mowing […]

SCAG listen to their dealers

SCAG listen to their dealers: STM Co now have the SFC 30 and its smaller brother the SFC 21 added to the impressive SCAG mower range. The SCAG Finish Mower is a credit to their principle of listening to the dealers. Interest had been regularly expressed in having a small pedestrian mower to finish off […]

Early SCAG mower located – two miles away!

Early SCAG mower located –  two miles away!: A recent chance conversation revealed a homeowner only two miles away from the STM head office in Warwickshire who has a 1992-build STZ ride-on mower. The STZ was the first Zero-Turn Ride-On SCAG produced, and one is still retained at the plant in Wisconsin. But Alan Griffith, […]

SCAG Windstorm ticks a lot of boxes

SCAG Windstorm ticks a lot of boxes: The SCAG Windstorm, supplied by STM Co Ltd, is a stand-on high-power cyclone leaf blower. With an engine size of 37HP you can see that the expression “high-power” is not used lightly. The stand-on configuration was developed for the SCAG V-Ride grasscutting range and has proved very successful […]

New addition to the SCAG Stand-on mower range

New addition to the SCAG Stand-on mower range: The V-Ride is a stand-on mower designed for professional use; the compact machine size, ease of manouevering and clear view for the operator have lead to the V-Ride becoming increasingly popular for intricate mowing areas. The Ride-On SCAG machines, because they are purpose-built for grasscutting, place the […]

Mulching Head Success Story

Mulching Head Success Story: SW Landscapes in the South West and South Wales provide grounds maintenance services to small and large customers in both the public and private sectors including property management companies, retail parks, industrial estates, parish councils, housing associations, residential developments, schools and local authorities. The company is, like many, giving serious thought […]

SCAG Expand Debris Management Range

SCAG Expand Debris Management Range: The “V-Ride” range of Stand-On mowers from SCAG, supplied in the UK by STM has had a new addition: The Windstorm. This is, in fact, an addition to the SCAG Debris Management range, and is a 37HP stand-on driving unit based on the V-Ride 2 with front-mounted centrifugal blower with […]

Hortech – championing the SCAG SWZ

Hortech – championing the SCAG SWZ: The SWZ is the model name for the SCAG pedestrian mower, which is supplied in the UK and parts of Europe by STM Co Ltd – and few people know these machines better than the grounds maintenance company Hortech Ltd. They’ve used SCAGs for 25 years; these are machines […]