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Keep pond algae under control

Keep pond algae under control: With mild summer conditions proving a catalyst, preventative action using cultural control methods is encouraged to effectively manage filamentous algae. Filamentous algae, known as blanket weed, begins life underwater forming visible mats of weed near the surface or clinging to plants after considerable growth below surface has occurred. Left untreated, […]

New fertiliser recycles battery waste

New fertiliser recycles battery waste: Battery waste is helping greenkeepers in the UK to improve the health of their turf, thanks to the launch of a new liquid fertiliser product. ZM-Grow™ extracts zinc, manganese and sulphur from used alkaline batteries to create a unique fertiliser for a range of crops, including amenity turf. With limited […]

New Biostimulants For Turf Health Management

New Biostimulants For Turf Health Management: From establishment to recovery, a full season approach to turf health management is now on offer, following the launch of two new biostimulant products by Arysta LifeScience. Tonivit® and Double Edge® join existing product Goemar Turf® to form a triple pronged approach to turf management, offering bespoke solutions for three […]