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Bionema appoints TurfCare distributor for Nematrident®

Bionema appoints TurfCare distributor for Nematrident®: Bionema Ltd, a leading biopesticide technology company, has signed a distribution agreement with TurfCare to sell its unique patented NemaTrident® range of products on an exclusive basis in the turf, leisure and amenity sector in Ireland. NemaTrident® is a Tri-Component patented, environmentally friendly solution used to control more than […]

COMPO EXPERT introduce Kick® ‘Fairway’

COMPO EXPERT introduce Kick® ‘Fairway’: Leading European fertiliser producer COMPO EXPERT has introduced the highly-effective Kick® Fairway wetting agent into the Kick® product portfolio – to help Turf Managers economically and effectively deal with water efficiency issues on sports turf and golf course fairways by keeping the grass sward in excellent condition during drought periods. […]

Biocontrol ‘kit’ now available

Biocontrol ‘kit’ now available: Bionema Ltd, a leading biopesticide technology company, has been granted a UK patent for a unique pest control solution that provides safe and sustainable protection from larval insect pests.  This is a particularly timely innovation, when leatherjackets and chafer grubs – both of which can be controlled by beneficial nematodes in […]

COMPO EXPERT Appoints Agrovista Amenity

COMPO EXPERT Appoints Agrovista Amenity: German fertiliser manufacturer COMPO EXPERT has announced the appointment of leading supplier to the UK’s amenity industry Agrovista Amenity as the ‘exclusive national distributor’ of its turf products in the UK. As part of this partnership, Agrovista Amenity will be involved in all COMPO EXPERT turf product research and development […]

Bionema launches BioProtection courses

Bionema launches BioProtection courses: Bionema, a UK based BioProtection (Biopesticide) technology developer, has launched digital, classroom and bespoke training courses to educate end-users, distributors and consultants on the effective use of BioProtection products as an alternative to chemical pest control. BioProtection products are being developed and used across the world to ensure safe and sustainable […]

Green investment in BioProtection needed

Green investment in BioProtection needed: Bionema Ltd, a leading UK-based biopesticide technology developer, is working on effective, eco-friendly solutions to reduce the chemical residue on crops and increase organic food production. However, founder and CEO Dr Minshad Ansari is concerned that, although there are many products in development, the limited number of BioProtection products currently […]

Bionema’s successful leatherjacket control

Bionema’s successful leatherjacket control: Bionema Ltd, a leading UK-based biopesticide technology developer, has released a step-by-step video guide on how to control leatherjackets by using a beneficial nematode solution. Leatherjackets (larvae of crane fly) cause serious turf damage to golf courses, sport fields, racecourses, and open green spaces through their extensive feeding on roots. The […]

Bionema appoints Stephen Pearce

Bionema appoints Stephen Pearce: Bionema Ltd, a leading UK-based biopesticide technology developer, that specialises in chemical-free, biological crop protection for safe and sustainable agriculture, has announced the appointment of Stephen Pearce as Non-Executive Chair.  Steve has more than 25 years of global experience in the Pharma, Biotech and Life Science industries and has served in […]

Bionema secures Innovate UK grant

Bionema secures Innovate UK grant: Bionema Ltd, a leading UK-based biotechnology company, has received a grant from Innovate UK to support the company’s continual development of its bioinsecticide microencapsulation formulation, which delivers an effective alternative to chemical pesticides. This additional £98,000 Continuity Grant complements a initial £1.0 million in funding support from Innovate UK, the […]