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Engcon supplies tiltrotators

Engcon supplies tiltrotators: With its 17 tons and a raw power engine of 255 horsepower, the Euromach R145 can call itself the world’s largest spider excavator. Able to perform all conceivable functions from one and the same position whilst climbing steep terrain. And to help improve efficiency, it has now been equipped with an Engcon […]

Engcon adds more excavator features

Engcon adds more excavator features: The world’s leading tiltrotator manufacturer Engcon announces that there will be additional smart features on the tiltrotators’ quick hitch. The quick hitch had previously been adapted for installation of the detachable GRD grab cassette and SWD rotating sweeper. Engcon now replaces nearly all the hoses in the quick hitch under […]

Strong summer sales for Engcon

Strong summer sales for Engcon: The effects of Covid-19 are not over yet, but this summer’s sales figures have provided Engcon with a positive outlook. The unexpected increase in sales during the months of June and July mean that Engcon is now overseeing extra efforts to produce and fulfil the delivery of additional orders. Engcon […]

Record Engcon tiltrotators sales in France

Record Engcon tiltrotators sales in France: Engcon is a world-leading supplier and global manufacturer of tiltrotators and accessories for excavators. Expanding internationally has been Engon’s strategic focus in recent years, to great success. In France, Engcon’s French subsidiary has seen strong growth, and 2019 was no exception. Delivering results that far surpassed its annual target, […]

Engcon launch safety campaign

Engcon launch safety campaign: The amount of workplace accidents and fatalities that occur in connection with excavators makes for disappointing and distressing reading. Engcon wants to lead the excavation industry towards zero accidents, a “zero vision” – with smart technology on all excavators. “Dig Smart. Dig Safe” is a part of Engcon’s “Non Accident Generation” […]

Engcon’s part in the first Cat® 330

Engcon’s part in the first Cat® 330: The tiltrotator manufacturer Engcon is an important part of the world’s first Cat® 330 Next Gen equipped with both a front blade and a tiltrotator – which has proven to be a successful combination. A one of a kind excavator Behind the controls of this unique excavator is […]