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Barenbrug’s New Winter Sports Blend

Barenbrug’s New Winter Sports Blend: Elite Sport from Barenbrug is the new number one rated Winter Sports blend. The top-performing product blends perennial ryegrasses for the renovation and construction of winter sports pitches. Cultivar trials at the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) under the British Society of Plant Breeders (BSPB) protocol analyse the performance of […]

Barenbrug At BTME 2019

Barenbrug At BTME 2019: Barenbrug, the UK’s biggest and most innovative grass seed producer, will be showcasing its range of industry-leading products and cultivars at BTME 2019. Barenbrug’s new stand will be located in the Green Hall; Stand 330.   The Barenbrug Sport range will feature #1 varieties Barolympic perennial ryegrass, Barlineus Chewings fescue and Charles browntop bentgrass in popular products such as […]

Barenbrug At SALTEX 2018

Barenbrug At SALTEX 2018: Barenbrug UK, the grass expert, is returning to SALTEX for 2018, showcasing two of its most innovative ranges.  Between them, the Essentials range and the Sports range offer a grass seed to cover every possible turf, environment and budget contingency. Visitors to stand GO55 are encouraged to bring their turf questions and […]

Barenbrug’s Drought Advice

Barenbrug’s Drought Advice: After a recent prolonged period with little rainfall, Dr David Greenshields from Barenbrug UK has advised greenkeepers to ‘act fast’ to save drought-torn grass, and has offered 5 tips for maintaining year-round playability. 1)    Beware a false sense of security After a smattering of rainfall, lower-lying areas and perennial grasses (fescues, bents and ryegrass) are […]

Record Result For Barenbrug

Record Result For Barenbrug: Grass expert, Barenbrug UK, has dominated the BSPB Turfgrass bentgrass trials this year, with a top rating for its new cultivar, Charles – making ALL BENT the No.1 100% browntop bentgrass grass seed mixture currently on the market. Designed specifically for overseeding and species exchange in golf and bowling greens, the aggressive nature of this cultivar […]

Game-Changer From Barenbrug

Game-Changer From Barenbrug: Grass expert, Barenbrug UK, has launched a grass seed that manages its own moisture content, which will increase germination and establishment rates – particularly in tough, dry conditions. The patented technology in Barenbrug Yellow Jacket Water Manager, is the result of research between Barenbrug and Aquatrols and has been independently tested by the […]

Barenbrug Launches Wildflower Advice Guide

Grass expert, Barenbrug UK, has launched a new wildflowers advice guide alongside a refreshed range of 14 wildflower mixtures. The free guide provides practical information—for landscapers and local authorities—on evaluating soil fertility, planning for sowing, maintenance tips, and choosing the right mixture for your environment. Around 15,000 hectares of unimproved grassland are believed to remain […]