Eon Bio – a time capsule with a difference

Eon Bio – a time capsule with a difference: David Snowden discusses the benefits of improving your growing medium and why using a soil conditioner is such a valuable tool…

The main benefits of soil conditioners are to improve the soil structure and therefore increase nutrient uptake and root mass. When applying to new greens at renovation time and when used on sports pitches to create a root zone with life in, soil conditioners increase the efficiency of nutrition.

Eon Bio – a time capsule with a difference

Eon Bio – a time capsule with a difference

We want to bring life to the soil and this is what Eon Bio enables our Greenkeepers and Groundsmen to do. When the grass plant germinates, it needs a bio-available food source and we require rapid establishment of the new plant to secure a healthy sward.

We have seen great success working with numerous Premier and Championship Football Clubs, when using Eon Bio, which has the benefit of a prill form, particularly easy to use.

Eon Bio is 100% organic and contains high concentrations of soluble, slow release Humic acid. This ‘time capsule’ releases and encapsulates mycorrhiza fungi and multiple forms of beneficial bacteria, which solubilise phosphates. We need to feed our soils to create the best growing environment.

With Eon Bio, the guess work is taken out, as the bacteria is specifically cultured and proven to benefit the soils and our grass plant, all wrapped up in a Humic acid food source for bacteria.

Express results from Autumn Green BiO

Express results from Autumn Green BiO: Rigby Taylor has announced the Autumn Green BiO fertiliser – a new 3-0-12+8Fe+6CaO+2MgO micro granular formulation that includes a ‘BiO Pack’ and zeolite to ensure enhanced plant health and root development, improved disease resistance, rapid green-up and extended (two-three months) colour.

With zeolite helping to reduce leaching and improve the plant’s Cation Exchange Capacity, Autumn Green Bio’s potassium content also provides a constant top-up, which is essential for an improved root system, while a continuous supply of calcium avoids deficiencies that would lead to stunted roots and limited nutrient uptake.

Express results from Autumn Green BiO

Carbohydrate storage increases as plant growth slows down and temperatures cool in the autumn. It is therefore essential that sufficient levels of potassium are maintained to prevent reduced levels of Adenosine Triphosphate – the energy source that drives all metabolic activity of plant cells produced during photosynthesis.

The dual source of iron in Autumn Green BiO provides extended colour for two-three months, and the addition of magnesium – the central element of chlorophyll – not only provides colour but also improves iron utilisation levels.

In addition, the inclusion of seaweed and lignite – which, when applying at 35gm/m2 is the equivalent of eight applications of a liquid seaweed – improves the production of cytokinin and auxin, promoting cell division and elongation.

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