INTRODUCING: Sapphire Green

INTRODUCING: Sapphire Green: Sapphire Green is a worm suppressant product, which is classified as a fertiliser. It contains nitrogen and sulphur and helps to encourage worms to migrate away from the treated area. The affect in the soil can last for up to three weeks.

Earthworm Repellency of Sapphire Green

A fully replicated experiment was set up to evaluate the effect of Sapphire Green on Earthworm activity.

In the untreated area, there was a good even spread of worms through the soil with 45% being found in one half and the remaining 55% in the other.

INTRODUCING: Sapphire Green

INTRODUCING: Sapphire Green

Sapphire Green was applied at rate of 20 lt/ha the soil surface. After several days, only 17.5% of earthworms were found in the treated area.

This indicates that at our lowest recommended application rate of 20 lt/ha, Sapphire Green was effective in moving 82.5% of the worms away from the treated area.

INTRODUCING: Sapphire Green

INTRODUCING: Sapphire Green

Earthworm Survival

Earthworms provide many benefits to the soil, so their survival is important.

Seven days after treatment, there was no evidence of any earthworm mortality from the Sapphire Green treatments area; and they were observed to be as healthy as the worms in the untreated area.

INTRODUCING: Sapphire Green

INTRODUCING: Sapphire Green

Sapphire Green is a combination of harmless fertiliser ingredients which helps to suppress worm casts with no detrimental impact to the worm. Sapphire Green contains no active chemicals, but still dramatically reduces worm casts. Laboratory trials have shown that earthworms will move away from treated areas, either deeper into the soil or away from the treated area entirely. Sapphire Green can be used all year round, but will have greatest effect in the early and late season whilst worms are closest to the surface of the soil.

  • Minimises earthworm activity on the soil surface
  • No detrimental impact on worms
  • Contains no active chemicals, only deterrents
  • Highly effective in early and late season

Sapphire Green is suitable for use on:

  • Greens & Tees
  • Fine Turf
  • Fairways & Outfields
  • Sports Pitches

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