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New appointment at Indigrow

New appointment at Indigrow: Indigrow are delighted to announce the appointment of Tom Morrison as an technical development manager, helping us expand and enhance our areas of operation within the UK and Europe, along with increasing our continued commitment to research and development. Tom joins us from his previous position as a senior tutor in […]

New Indigrow appointment

New Indigrow appointment: Indigrow are delighted to announce the appointment of Tom White as an area sales manager, helping us expand and enhance our areas of operation within the UK. Tom has worked in the sports turf industry throughout his career working his way up from an Assistant to Head Greenkeeper. His most recent role […]

Diamond Green – Continuation of Product Trials

Diamond Green – Continuation of Product Trials: Indigrow developed Diamond Green as a liquid fertiliser based on potassium, calcium and magnesium. It contains essential plant oils to enhance plant health and increase disease resistance in turf grass. The combination of nutrients in Diamond Green improves the plants natural resistance to many known pathogens. After the […]

New Product – Diamond Green

New Product – Diamond Green: As more and more fungicides are withdrawn from sale across the UK, Europe and globally, turf managers have had to look for alternative methods to manage turf diseases. One of the most common ways turf managers can achieve this is by using more natural or organic products, along with managing […]

Organo-Mineral Fertilisers

Organo-Mineral Fertilisers: Over two years ago Indigrow embarked on changing the make-up of our Impact fertilisers to take account of a move towards a more balanced approach to nutrition and soil biology, primarily by changing the base material from a chemically inert filler to an organic source. This organic source will act as a food […]

Ironing out problems in an post-Winter world

Ironing out problems in an post-Winter world: The early spring can be a challenging time for professional turf managers, particularly in Northern Europe. Shorter days, snow cover, excess rainfall and many other issues including fallen leaves can lead to poor conditions to grow managed amenity turf. Many of these factors can lead to reduced sunlight […]

INTRODUCING: Sapphire Green

INTRODUCING: Sapphire Green: Sapphire Green is a worm suppressant product, which is classified as a fertiliser. It contains nitrogen and sulphur and helps to encourage worms to migrate away from the treated area. The affect in the soil can last for up to three weeks. Earthworm Repellency of Sapphire Green A fully replicated experiment was […]

Improve water use efficiency with Magnum Forty-Four

Improve water use efficiency with Magnum Forty-Four: Water management on managed turf grass is extremely important to ensure adequate water in the rhizosphere for nutrient uptake and overall metabolic function. Conversely ensuring rapid movement of excess water from surfaces is vital to maintain suitable playing surfaces. This is due to the fact that the balance […]

Free snoods from Indigrow

Free snoods from Indigrow: Extended Payment Terms We’ve extended our 90-day payment terms offer – we’re now pleased to be able to offer 90-day payment terms to all UK customers on all orders placed up until 30th June 2020. To help support the UK greenkeeping and groundsmanship industries, Indigrow are please to announce an extension […]

Save time and money with OneShot

Save time and money with OneShot: The OneShot range of products from Indigrow have been developed to maximise return on investment for the turf manager. The highly concentrated formulation requires minimal storage space, reduces transport cost and environmental impact and helps save time due to their excellent tank-mix-ability. The ‘OneShot’ Range A wide range of […]