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Golfs sustainable topdressing method

Golfs sustainable topdressing method: Now more than ever, golf clubs are battling the rising cost of materials, with sand being one of the highest, but by using the Koro RECYCLINGDRESSER® from Campey Turf Care Systems, clubs can reapproach topdressing.

Whilst the Imants-made machine has traditionally been used on football pitches and larger areas, The Worcestershire Golf Club Course Manager, Steve Lloyd, thinks the process of the RECYCLINGDRESSER® could save up to £2.5k across an 18-hole course.

Golfs sustainable topdressing method

Golfs sustainable topdressing method

The RECYCLINGDRESSER® aerates the underlying soil vertically and horizontally, removing soil from the root zone and re-distributing it across the playing surface. Layering and compaction are eliminated, biological activity is increased, and existing fertilisers in the soil are better utilised. The RECYCLINGDRESSER® reduces the amount of new topdressing required, therefore saving labour and material costs and promoting sustainable maintenance.

The waste of material during hollow tining got Steve thinking about the machine, and after seeing it work on his USGA specification practice green, he sees a place for it in golf.

“If the cost of the material goes up substantially, then you start to question how much of it I need or if there is an alternative way that is more cost-effective, sustainable, and fits both boxes,” Steve said.

“If you hollow tine a lot, probably 80% of what you’re bringing out is good material. Where does that go? Most of the time, it gets thrown away, which is a waste, so I thought about how other sports reuse material, and that brought me to the RECYCLINGDRESSER®.

“The demo on our golf green by Jason Moody Product Specialist for Campey, went really well. It settled down within a week, and the recovery was really good. We followed up with our usual granular feed and a light top dress the following week to help restore surface levels, which is what we’d do on all the greens anyway.”

For Steve, the pressures on sand use will only continue to grow. The cost of raw materials and haulage are already becoming issues, and the demand from other industries, such as construction, means golf is down the pecking order.

With the RECYCLINGDRESSER®, he believes there are two approaches clubs could use that would bring sustainability and financial benefits.

“For me, there are two ways to do it,” Steve begins. “You can have half as much top dressing coming in because you’ll still need some topdressing, but it’ll mean instead of six loads a year, we might just have three, so we’ve ticked the box there by getting some fresh material in, but we have reduced our costs while utilising the existing material.

“The other way of looking at it is to carry on with the same number of loads but use the RECYCLINGDRESSER® to get more out. Therefore, you might be able to spread that material over a wider area, and with worm control, the more sand you can get on a golf course, the less impact there is from worm casts.

“That’s another element, so there are quite a few layers of this that can be seen as beneficial to golf clubs, especially inland golf courses.”

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Trime’s Tax Efficient Method For Cleaning Plant & Equipment

Trime’s Tax Efficient Method For Cleaning Plant & Equipment: The safe and thorough cleaning of plant and equipment for construction, agricultural and similar equipment is pre-requisite operation. The environmentally safe containment and removal of mud, soil and similar contaminates can become a problem, particularly for those firms that do not have access to an outside yard.

In the past, the expenditure involved to install a permanent tank, which invariably involves ground excavation, made this exercise cost prohibitive.  However, the tax allowable, Government backed, water efficient enhanced capital allowances (ECA) scheme, has meant that firms can now set up a Trime X-Splash wash bay and place the investment against their annual corporation tax bill.

Trime's Tax Efficient Method For Cleaning Plant & Equipment

The Trime X-Splash wash bay is listed on the Water Technology List (WTL) which promotes products that encourage sustainable water use and rewards businesses for investing in them through the ECA scheme. The ECA allows a business to offset the cost of purchasing eligible plant and machinery against its taxable profits. The Trime X-Splash (models X1 and X2) were approved and added to the WTL in November 2017. They are the only wash bays of this type that are listed and now that access is closed to new entrants, this means that the X-Splash is the single system that is eligible under this scheme. http://www.watertechnologylist.co.uk

Paul Hay, managing director of Trime UK said, “If a company invests and installs one of our X-Splash wash bays they can claim for the full expenditure against their tax bill. Several of our clients have already successfully completed their applications and we are always on hand to help with the procedure if necessary.”

The Trime X-Splash wash bay is an ecological, flexible cleaning system for most types of plant and machinery. It prevents soil pollution and contamination of drains, from oil, grease, and similar chemical contaminants. The X-Splash has four factors that distinguishes it from other washing systems; 1. A recycling process so that the water is contained and reused: 2. A filtering system that ensures no contaminates are discharged accidently: 3. Overall water usage reduction:  4. A fully portable/relocatable set-up.  Trime UK offer a complete delivery, installation and training programme for all purchasers of the X-Splash system. They have recently produced a comprehensive training video, which details all the features and benefits of the X-Splash.

The environmental qualities of their X-Splash Wash Bay have been formally recognised by the internationally respected campaigners, The Green Organisation.

Trime UK Limited is an environmentally conscious company that supplies many of the leading UK firms with eco-sensitive LED site lighting equipment. The Trime Group is regarded as one of the leading suppliers of powered LED lighting sets to the worldwide construction and event markets. The company is now extending its line of equipment to encompass a range of environmentally sustainable equipment built specifically for industry. The X-Splash is their flagship product in this expanding range.

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