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Hunter a ‘game-changer’ at Redditch GC

Hunter a ‘game-changer’ at Redditch GC: Karl Williams, Course Manager at Redditch Golf Club, has reported significant improvements to the course since the installation of a new Hunter Irrigation system, which was installed by Prime Irrigation and supplied by KAR UK.

Founded in 1913, Redditch Golf Club is one of the finest parkland courses in the midlands and is well known for its woodlands, topography and quality playing surfaces.

Hunter a ‘game-changer’ at Redditch GC

Karl has been Course Manager at Redditch since October 2014 and within the first few months of his new role, he quickly identified an area which needed improvement.

“In 2015 we had an appraisal on the old irrigation system, which confirmed the inadequacies and poor reliability of the system. With continuous bursts and cable breaks, which resulted in an awful lot of hand watering,” said Karl.

Following the summer of 2018, the proposal to install a completely new irrigation system was passed by the committee and approved by 97% of the club’s members in favour.

A plan needed to be put into place quickly for the new system to cover all greens, tees, approaches and green surrounds. After speaking with Hunter Industries, there was no doubt in Karl’s mind due to their products, that it was the way to go.

G885D Series Rotors – With a built-in decoder offering single head control, superior uniformity coupled with the TTS technology allowing every serviceable element of the rotor to be accessed through the top so you can get to every component without disturbing the playing surface – no more digging, no more unsightly scars, and more importantly, one less item on a busy course manager’s schedule.

I-20 Series Rotors – A high performance rotor for tees and a popular choice for many turf managers, with the efficiency required for any site. Utilising the Match Precipitation Rate (MPR) nozzles ensures accurate, even distribution and water savings over a variety of mixed sprinkler arcs.

Pilot CCS PC-based central control system – a PC-based software package that makes central control of large-scale irrigation systems affordable, usable, and comprehensible.

“The new system has been an absolute game-changer,” said Karl. “It allows us to apply water in millimetres – simply replacing the daily deficit every night has made a huge difference. Even in the highest temperatures, the greens do not lose moisture and we no longer have to worry about them looking worn. They are consistently good which is great from a player’s point of view.”

Hunter a ‘game-changer’ at Redditch GC

“That has been a huge bonus, but the biggest area of improvement since the system was installed has been on the tees. For example, prior to the new system, the first tee had just four larger sprinklers along one side and they would overshoot, miss the tee and spill onto the path. Now we have five I-20 rotors on each side of the tee fitted with the Matched Precipitation Rate nozzles. This ensures that the water is applied to the tee playing surface at all times, receives excellent coverage and results in saving water, which makes it all very efficient!”

“It’s so good that we can now target individual areas because we have got some greens which face different directions – we’ve got slopes, banks and some areas that require more water than others. We can keep on top of everything at just the click of a button.”

“The system also allows a wide choice of options when planning a watering cycle, I can apply 2mm of water to all of the green’s at the start of a cycle and then it will go around the rest of the system before coming back to that same green and applying another 2mm if this is required. This is great because rather than the water running off the green surface it gives it time to soak in before the next part.”

From when Karl first started speaking to Hunter Industries, the whole project was completed within 14 months and any worries he had about the installation disturbing play were quickly alleviated.

“The members have been overwhelmed with how little obtrusion there was to play and throughout the whole installation period. There were no golf holes closed at any time – they couldn’t believe how tidy it was and how quickly it was installed, a testament to Prime Irrigation.”

“I’m just really pleased with the whole project and the service we have received has been fantastic. Back-up support from suppliers is vital in this industry and we absolutely get that.”

Hunter Golf Irrigation is distributed in the UK by KAR UK. For more information, please visit www.karuk.com and www.hunterindustries.com.

You can also follow KAR UK on Twitter @KARUK_LTD for much more news, reviews and insightful views.

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Redditch GC Benefit From MM Seed

Redditch GC Benefit From MM Seed: The application of Limagrain’s MM grass seed has produced fantastic results on the tees and greens at Redditch Golf Club, reports course manager Karl Williams.

The Worcestershire club is a 72 par course which provides a true test of golf. The part parkland and part woodland golf course is universally acclaimed for both its topography and the quality of its playing surfaces. In particular, the course is perhaps most famous for its last six holes, which are formed and cut out of dense woodland.

Redditch GC Benefit From MM Seed

The greens are particularly outstanding, all 18 having been re-laid during 1995 and 1996 to USGA specification. The work was carried out due to their former foundations consisting of red marl clay which proved to be extremely problematic in wet winters. However, those days are firmly in the past and Karl Williams is the man tasked with ensuring that the greens remain at a consistently high standard.

Karl started his role as course manager at Redditch in 2014 and now oversees a team of eight full-time greenkeepers. The team has doubled in size since Karl arrived and marks just one of a number of ongoing improvements as the club continues to signal its ambitions. Karl, himself, was also keen to play his part and this started with ensuring that he had the correct seed mixtures in place.

“I’ve been using Limagrain’s MM seed mixtures right back to when I started out as an apprentice – so probably for about 18 years now. When I first came here they were using a different brand of seed but I wanted to use Limagrain because in my opinion it is an all-round package – I’ve had big success from the mixtures in terms of quality, results and the support you get from the company,” he said.

When it comes to product performance and appearance, top sports grounds, including many of the UK’s finest golf courses, tend to look no further than Limagrain’s MM range of grass seed. The MM range is one of the most respected brands in the UK turf industry and its wide array of mixtures have a proven track record of producing the best possible swards for the intended end usage.

Redditch GC Benefit From MM Seed

The demand and pressure placed on the modern day greenkeeper and course manager to produce the best possible, consistent playing surfaces continually grows at a pace but Limagrain’s range of grass seed can ensure that you are always that one step ahead. Whether it be a mixture for your greens, tees or fairways – the MM range has it covered.

Karl has seen great results from applying MM22, which is a practical solution for those who are seeking a mixture for their tees that is great for divotting, repairing and overseeding.

“As a rule of thumb we normally do the tees renovation at the end of March and we apply MM22 at a rate of 30g/m2. So we apply that quite heavily and then it is just a case of topping it up by overseeding throughout the year.

“We get a lot of play here at Redditch and we don’t come off the tees all year, so I need a mixture which is going to give me a strong sward. Fortunately, MM22 gives me what I need – you always get a fast establishment and you get a great percentage of seeding from it. I also rarely suffer from disease so I don’t see any reason to come away from it.”

When it comes to his greens, Karl claims that he has never needed to overseed – which is perhaps testament to the quality of them. However, on one occasion there was a problematic green which needed a fast solution – so he turned to Limagrain’s MM7 mixture.

Redditch GC Benefit From MM Seed

“It was a shaded green that had a lot of trees around it so it suffered with a lack of light and air – even in the summer. From 12pm, it would have been completely in the shade. In the first instance we tried to repair it but unfortunately it didn’t really work. So, we removed a couple of trees and MM7 was recommended to me. The difference was unbelievable – I wish I would have taken a before and after photo.”

A modern mixture for quick renovations of worn and damaged areas of fine turf, MM7 is ideal for emergency repair work. Containing Cyrena and Venice (both perennial ryegrasses), Caldris (chewings fescue) and Sefton (browntop bent), these top rated cultivars together produce a hard wearing sward that recovers from scarring.

While members at Redditch Golf Club are enjoying the superb playing conditions they are also treated to a stunning array of flowers, courtesy of Limagrain’s range of Colour Splash mixtures.

“The colour around the course is absolutely fantastic and it is a sight to behold when they are in full bloom. We have them spread out across the course such as around the tees, near the wooded areas and along the drive and they really do make a statement.

“The main reason we decided to apply the Colour Splash mixtures was for aesthetics but we like doing our bit to help the bees as well,” he said.

For further information, please contact Limagrain UK on 01472 371471 or visit the company’s website www.lgseeds.co.uk/mm.

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