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Segway launches the Navimow i Series

Segway launches the Navimow i Series: Segway is launching the Navimow i Series in Europe, with prices starting at a highly competitive £949.

The launch extends the Navimow product line, following the introduction of the premium H Series in the UK last year, with the i Series providing hassle-free and intelligent mowing through a uniquely developed positioning system, AI-powered assistant mapping function and smart features such as scheduled mowing.

A few taps and away you mow

The ultimate aim of the Navimow i Series is to provide a user-friendly experience for gardeners of all levels of expertise, and this begins with a clear and easy setup process. Everything can be set up virtually via the Navimow app, with users able to mark virtual boundaries, identify off-limits islands, and draw safe channels to connect multiple zones in just a few taps, getting them up and running within minutes.

Self-developed RTK positioning system with vision enhancement

Only robotic lawnmowers that offer accurate positioning and route planning can be truly relied upon by users to deliver a precision cut every time. To ensure a high level of dependability, Segway has developed its own vision+RTK (real-time kinematic) positioning system, that combines a customised RTK chip with a vision system enabled by a 140°POV camera. As a result, the Navimow i Series can handle a diverse range of lawn layouts while providing centimetre-level positioning, navigating gardens stably and systematically and intelligently avoiding objects.

All-new AI-powered assistant mapping function

The Navimow i Series leverages cutting-edge AI technology to optimise mapping accuracy. The mower’s AI-powered assistant feature identifies the edge of the user’s lawn during the mapping process and is then automatically able to navigate the entire working area all by itself. Based on the map created by the AI assistant, users can then revise and finetune the working area on the app with ease, working alongside the technology to deliver a high level of performance.

Smart features designed for flawless lawn maintenance

Navimow i Series users can enjoy scheduled cutting that allows them to keep their lawn in check even when they’re away on holiday. The model can mow according to a planned schedule, even automatically recharging when needed, guaranteeing a pristine lawn 100% of the time. Segway’s latest offering also employs a unique zig-zag cutting pattern, changing angle after the first round of mowing is complete to ensure every blade of grass is covered. Finally, users can opt to turn on Ride-on Boundary mode where the i Series straddles the physical boundary between grass and non-grass areas, servicing those tough-to-reach lawn edges that both traditional and robotic mowers struggle to reach.

George Ren, CEO of Segway Navimow BU, commented: “With the Navimow i Series we wanted to create a robotic mower that caters to everyone, from users that have zero experience with robotic or even traditional mowers, to green-fingered gardening extraordinaires. We believe that our latest offering delivers mass usability, with a host of smart features delivering an easy-to-use product experience and a competitive price point that makes the i Series more accessible than almost every other robotic mower on the market.

“The i Series perfectly complements the H Series models that launched in 2021, allowing us to service all segments of the market with precise and boundary-cord-free cutting. Since its launch in Europe, the H Series has proven immensely popular, recording cumulative sales of over 40,000 and making Navimow one of the industry’s most sought-after names. We’re optimistic that the i Series will propel our growth in the gardening space, establishing Navimow as a true innovator in the sector.”

Pricing and where to buy

The Navimow i Series is available to buy now. With two different models, Navimow’s MSRP ranges between £949 and £1,199. Consumers in the UK are able to purchase the Navimow i Series from authorized dealers whose full list can be found in Navimow’s official website: navimow.segway.com

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Segway launches Navimow robotic lawnmower

Segway launches Navimow robotic lawnmower: Today, Segway launches its award-winning smart robotic lawnmower, Navimow in the UK, along with the innovative new AI-powered VisionFence Sensor.

Navimow is a unique robotic lawnmower that doesn’t require a perimeter wire, featuring smart app control, centimetre-precise positioning via Segway’s Exact Fusion Locating System (EFLS) and systematic mowing path, engineered to deliver perfectly manicured lawns.

Segway launches Navimow robotic lawnmower

Segway launches Navimow robotic lawnmower

New VisionFence Sensor with cutting-edge AI technology

Featuring built-in AI technology, Segway’s new VisionFence Sensor accessory enables Navimow to mow complex lawns more intelligently and accurately than ever before. The VisionFence Sensor’s dedicated AI chip and advanced visual recognition algorithm helps Navimow to recognise multiple objects more quickly and precisely. Incorporated with a neural network trained with massive real-world data, Navimow can always identify the lawn’s edge, even when the EFLS satellite is weak in areas with challenging layouts. Finally, the new sensor’s visual technology gives Navimow a greater ability to detect moving objects, which is helpful to protect small animals.

Intelligent lawn maintenance, quieter, safer and more durable than ever before

Designed for a lawn area of up to 3,000 square metres, the Segway Navimow is one of the most intelligent, quietest, and safest mowers on the market. The Exact Fusion Locating System allows Navimow to select the optimal mowing path and automatically change the mowing direction after completing a round of mowing, which avoids the traces left by repeated mowing paths and keeps your lawn in a healthier growth environment. The noise-level is minimised to a barely audible 54 decibels, the quietest of the industry, no louder than a standard electric toothbrush. Designed with safety in mind, Navimow has multiple built-in safety sensors, including an IMU and Lift sensor for front and rear lifting, along with the optional VisionFence and Bump sensors for obstacle avoidance. Obstacles such as flowerpots are automatically detected by the unit and bypassed. And the BladeHalt sensor provides an extra layer of safety, stopping the blades if an object has contact with the sensing area. Finally, with IPX6 waterproof level, Navimow is built to endure, and can be easily washed clean with a garden hose.

Smart Navimow app control: perfect lawn care with just a tap from anywhere

The Navimow app operates as both a knowledge hub and a smart remote control. With just a few simple taps, users can find detailed tutorial videos and straightforward guidelines that make Navimow installation a breeze to do. Users simply download the Navimow app from the App Store or Google Play and follow a set of simple instructions to map out a virtual boundary for their lawn. The average setup time is merely 20 to 30 minutes, if guidelines are followed correctly. In addition to using the Navimow app to set and adjust their mowing area, users can remotely operate and monitor the mower with ease from anywhere at any time. Plus, in addition to being able to easily check the real-time mower status, adjust the mowing schedule or set an anti-theft alarm, users always have access to the latest Navimow features by downloading over-the-air (OTA) updates via the app. The app can also be used for height adjustment, with 7 blade disc-height positions available for grass lengths between 30 mm and 60 mm.

George Ren, CEO of Segway Navimow BU, commented: “Segway has applied its extensive robotics knowledge to products ranging from self-balancing scooters to delivery robots, and we first entered the lawnmowing robotics market in 2021. Last year, we delivered the Navimow in 12 countries in Europe. First-hand feedbacks from thousands of users helped us continuously optimize our product. Many new features are added in response to users’ requests, like partial adjustment of the virtual boundary, night mode, etc.”

“Navimow customers avoid the hassle of perimeter wires and can be confident their mower will follow a pre-determined route, only veering off course to avoid unexpected obstacles. With Navimow and our latest VisionFence Sensor, we have delivered a robotic lawnmower that is intuitive, intelligent, and independent. Navimow’s advanced understanding of its surroundings and ability to adapt to unexpected scenarios make the user’s life as simple as possible, as they barely lift a finger to achieve the perfect lawn.”

Phil Noble, Divisional Sales Manager of E.P Barrus commented: “We are really excited to be distributing Segway Navimow robotic mowers in the UK. We are impressed with how the product has changed and improved over the last 12 months. The addition of the new VisionFence accessory, which we believe is a real industry first, combines both technologies of GPS / RTK via the EFLS system, and the use of camera technology, to enable the robot to continue even if the signal is weak. This is going to really help the UK market where we have much smaller, intricate gardens.”
“We believe that having quality products from a well-recognised brand combined with market leading prices will mean that many first-time gardeners can enjoy the freedom of owning a robotic mower.”

Pricing and where to buy
Navimow is available to buy now. With four different models, Navimow’s MSRP ranges between £1,299 and £2,299. VisionFence Sensor will be available in March as an optional extra, with an MSRP of £269.99. Until May 31st 2023 customers who buy a Navimow can get a VisionFence Sensor at a discount price of £169.99.

Prior to purchase, a checklist is available for customers to determine whether Navimow can achieve optimal mowing performance on their lawns. Multiple aspects, for example, the shape of the garden and presence of large buildings or tall trees, are put into consideration to give customers the best advice. Whether or not customers are in possession of the VisionFence Sensor will also affect the result. After the checklist is finished, a unique code will be sent to customers, and they will need the code to activate the mower. The checklist can be found here: https://navimow.segway.com/CheckList

To find your local dealer go to Navimow’s official website: https://navimow.segway.com/wheretobuy

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