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Bayer raise awareness of mental health at BTME

Bayer raise awareness of mental health at BTME: Bayer is celebrating a successful 12-month collaboration with mental health charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) at BTME this year, with a representative from the charity on the Bayer stand for the event’s duration. Timothy Peeling, Bayer product manager, says that with suicide being the biggest killer […]

Green spaces transformation

Green spaces transformation: Seeking to transform dull spaces into inspiring havens for nature and the local community, is the mission of a new venture called YourGreen. The new eco-seed and tree business is calling on the public and private sector to think differently about green space and consider the breadth of environmental, emotional and brand […]

Don’t lockdown your turf management

Don’t lockdown your turf management: While golf courses are facing unprecedented times, greenkeepers are being urged to keep on top of maintenance to ensure courses are in good condition for when golfers return. Colin Mumford, technical manager at Bayer, says that seasonal conditions, such as plummeting temperatures and excess rainfall, combined with the challenges posed […]

Another golfer influx post lockdown

Another golfer influx post lockdown: Greenkeepers are being warned to prepare golf courses in advance of another likely influx of visitors once ‘lockdown two’ comes to an end. Colin Mumford, technical manager at Bayer says that while it’s fantastic to see so many people enthusiastic to get back on the greens and fairways, greenkeepers need […]

Bayer ES appoints new digital marketing specialist

Bayer ES appoints new digital marketing specialist: Bayer Environmental Science has appointed a new digital marketing specialist to support the business as they move towards more digital offerings. Formerly working for a Cambridge-based B2B marketing agency, Freddie Bendall-Brown has an extensive background in digital marketing and experience of building digital and brand strategies. “I’ve worked […]

Success for Hogweed Eradication Programme

Success for Hogweed Eradication Programme: The River Tyne Hogweed Eradication Programme was declared winner of the Scottish Helping it Happen Awards run by Scottish Land and Estates. Receiving recognition in the Enhancing our Environment category, the project was supported by Bayer and has succeeded in eradicating  any flowering plants of giant hogweed over 48 miles […]

Monitor chafer beetle numbers now

Monitor chafer beetle numbers now: Now is the time to start monitoring chafer beetle numbers to allow effective control of their vulnerable offspring with entomopathogenic nematodes, advises an industry expert. “Chafer grubs can be extremely damaging to golf courses and with limited chemical options available for controlling them, the use of entomopathogenic nematodes can be […]

Year round use for Valdor Flex

Year round use for Valdor Flex: The residual herbicide, Valdor Flex®, has received a label update, extending usage periods and application areas, providing contractors with an opportunity to adopt a flexible approach to weed control. Lewis Blois, Bayer’s amenity specialist, says this updated authorisation will allow contractors to adapt their approach depending on weather conditions […]

Bayer’s role in outstanding conditions

Bayer’s role in outstanding conditions: Greenkeepers are crucial to a golf course’s success, but inevitably a helping hand is sometimes required to maintain playability throughout the year to maintain stress free turf. “We don’t know yet what conditions greenkeepers will have to deal with during 2020, in recent years they’ve had to manage both unseasonal […]

Bayer’s new weed control solution at SALTEX

Bayer’s new weed control solution at SALTEX: The recent addition of Roundup® to Bayer’s amenity portfolio complements their new residual herbicide Valdor® Flex and provides contractors with the complete package when it comes to weed control. Lewis Blois, Bayer national account manager, says the team will be on hand at SALTEX to talk about the […]