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Inquiry Into Japanese Knotweed Impact

Inquiry Into Japanese Knotweed Impact: The Science and Technology Committee are holding an oral evidence session in early 2019, specifically to explore the science behind the effects of Japanese Knotweed on the built environment. To inform that session, written submissions were invited and the Amenity Forum has made a response. The Amenity Forum welcomed the inquiry. […]

Loss Of Propiconazole

Loss Of Propiconazole: The EU Commission has decided not to renew the approval for the fungicide active ingredient, propiconazole. This means that all products containing propiconazole for any market, including turf management, will be withdrawn from sale over the coming months. Approval was not renewed because it failed the cut off criteria given its classification linked […]

Amenity Forum – Adapt And Survive

Amenity Forum – Adapt And Survive: In a recent presentation, our Chairman quoted the words of Charles Darwin as ‘It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change’. There is certainly a high degree of uncertainty currently facing many organisations including […]

What Happens In Amenity Management Impacts UK Citizens

What Happens In Amenity Management Impacts UK Citizens: This is one of the statements made by the Amenity Forum Chairman in the Voluntary Initiative’s recently released Annual Report. It covers the 12 months running up to June 30th 2018 and demonstrates the wide range of activity and development of this unified voice for the sector on […]

Fact, Fiction & Weed Management

Fact, Fiction & Weed Management: We live in a world of instant communication and 24 hour news. The impact of social media means any story can be transmitted instantly through just one press of a button. It is exciting and fantastic technology. Yet it presents dangers. It has created the phenomenon of fake news enabling one […]

Amenity Forum Speakers Named

Amenity Forum Speakers Named: The Forum has recently opened for booking for its popular annual conference and exhibition. This year it will be held once again at the Pirelli Stadium in Burton upon Trent, on Tuesday, October 9th. The conference will be entitled ‘Change, challenge and opportunity’. Once again it has an impressive range of speakers […]

Taking Pride In Your Work

Taking Pride In Your Work: “Taking pride in what you do.” This was the closing message in an address given to the UK Lawncare Network conference by Professor John Moverley, Independent Chairman of the Amenity Forum. He said ‘For too long the excellent work in our sector maintaining amenity surfaces has been under recognised. What is […]

Keeping Up Standards In Amenity Management

Keeping Up Standards In Amenity Management: Management of amenity areas in all their diversity is important and essential and impacts upon UK citizens every day. This is especially the case in terms of weed, pest and disease management, providing a safe, healthy and sustainable environment and surfaces for sport and activity fit for purpose. At a […]

Question Time At SALTEX

The Amenity Forum will once again be hosting its ever popular Question Time at SALTEX 2017. The event is modelled upon the BBC programme where a panel of people drawn from the sector respond to audience questions on a range of topical issues concerning amenity management. Professor John Moverley OBE, Independent Chairman of the Forum, […]

Council Tax Bombshell

Ban on common weed killer could create £228 million council tax bombshell Research made available to the Forum has concluded that: A local authority ban on common weed killers used in the professional amenity and garden sectors which contain glyphosate would add £228 million to council tax bills each year This has been calculated as […]