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Syngenta to launch Application Academy

Syngenta to launch Application Academy: The pioneering world-first Syngenta Application Academy will give turf managers and sprayer operators the chance to delve into the world of precision application. Launching the Application Academy at BTME (Harrogate 21-23 January), Syngenta Technical Manager and application specialist, Glenn Kirby, highlighted it will give a select group the chance to […]

Track Turf Pests This Summer

Track Turf Pests This Summer: The new Turf Pest Tracker will follow the timing and movement of the adult life cycle stages of key turf pests this summer, to get a better picture of when and where the pests are flying. The GreenCast website enables all turf managers and agronomists to report activity of the […]

Emergency Authorisation For Acelepryn Reapproved

Emergency Authorisation For Acelepryn Reapproved: The Emergency Authorisation for the use of the Syngenta insecticide, Acelepryn, for the control of chafer grubs and leatherjacket has been reapproved for the 2019 season. The request was applied for by ICL, on behalf of the amenity industry. Chafer grubs and leatherjackets cause damage to turf through extensive feeding […]

Syngenta To Exhibit At BTME

Syngenta To Exhibit At BTME: Syngenta will be giving turf managers the opportunity to win a professional PAR light meter every day at BTME 2019 – to scientifically measure useable light reaching their surfaces, and to manage turf more effectively. To enter, turf managers simply need to register on the Syngenta stand – Purple Hall, 428 […]

Emergency Authorisation For Acelepryn

Emergency Authorisation For Acelepryn: An Emergency Authorisation has been granted for the use of the Syngenta insecticide, Acelepryn, for the control of Chafer grubs and leatherjacket on golf course greens and tees, horse racing courses and airfields. The approval was applied for by STRI, on behalf of and with support from the amenity industry. Chafer Grubs […]

Syngenta Appoint Glenn Kirby

Syngenta Appoint Glenn Kirby: Glenn Kirby has been appointed by Syngenta as the company’s new dedicated Technical Manager for the UK Turf & Landscape business. Glenn brings 25 years’ experience of practical turf management skills from both downland and parkland environments, along with experience from both corporate and members’ golf clubs. He has held the Course […]

Banner Maxx II Set To Launch

Banner Maxx II Set To Launch: Banner Maxx II is a new formulation of the tried and tested fungicide, which has been created in order to deliver even faster uptake into the plant and tackle disease infection inside the leaf – before it is able to damage turf plant health. Set to be launched at BTME […]

Future Of Disease Control Tracked With New Live Maps

Future Of Disease Control Tracked With New Live Maps: A new disease forecasting tool on the Syngenta Greencast turf management website is now giving a clear picture of disease pressure across the United Kingdom – and predicts where there risk of infection is set to occur and will enable more informed actions. Live Maps combine accurate […]

STRI Research Shows How To Make Every Seed Count 

STRI Research shows how to make every seed count: Every seed counts when it comes to restoring playing surface quality on golf courses or getting stadium pitches established and stable for the new season. Typically there are now greater expectations for turf managers to achieve excellent turf surfaces, with shorter intervals in which to achieve it. […]

New Instrata Elite Offers Turf Disease Control Outside And In

New Instrata Elite offers turf disease control Outside and In. The launch of an exciting new fungicide active for turf disease control now gives a powerful combination of curative and contact plus systemic properties, for reliable turf protection outside and in the plant. Now approved for Microdochium control in the UK, Instrata Elite combines the new active […]