Parks and Gardens

Fields in Trust bringing parks to you

Fields in Trust bringing parks to you: Whilst we’re all staying home and less able to get out to enjoy our nation’s parks this spring, green space charity Fields in Trust are bringing parks to people with a virtual tour of the UK, discovering beautiful parks and green spaces which are much loved and valued […]

Stanley Park Voted UK’s Best Park

Stanley Park Voted UK’s Best Park: Fields in Trust’s search to find the nation’s favourite park has declared Stanley Park in Blackpool as the UK’s Best Park 2019 following a public vote. The UK’s Best Park is organised by green space charity Fields in Trust who, for over 90 years, have legally protected parks and […]

Best Park Shortlist Announced

Best Park Shortlist Announced: Four parks from across the UK have been shortlisted in Fields in Trust’s search to find the UK’s Best Park. Castle Gardens, Antrim; Cyfarthfa Park, Merthyr Tydfil; Pittencrieff Park, Dunfermline and Stanley Park, Blackpool have each been shortlisted following a public vote. The UK’s Best Park is organised by green space […]

New Spades From WOLF-Garten

New Spades From WOLF-Garten: Every gardener needs a strong and durable spade for digging, breaking and moving soil around the garden. WOLF-Garten has launched two brand new spade designs for 2019 that have been specifically designed to deal with extreme loads and difficult tasks. The new Straight Spade and Pointed Spade are made from durable […]

Wildflower Provide ‘Living Green Roof’ To Leeds Skelton Lake Services

Wildflower Provide ‘Living Green Roof’ To Leeds Skelton Lake Services: The UK’s most prominent wildflower experts, Wildflower Turf Ltd, will be helping to enhance the biodiversity of the £60M Leeds Skelton Lake Services when the ‘new concept’ Motorway Service Area (MSA) opens on the M1 later this year. Leeds Skelton Lake Services will include a 100-bedroom […]

Wilkinson Sword’s New Ultralight Collection Products

Wilkinson Sword’s New Ultralight Collection Products: Gardeners looking to breeze through this season’s gardening tasks needn’t look any further than the Wilkinson Sword Ultralight collection. The range delivers strong, expertly crafted and stylish garden tools in a comfortable, featherweight package that weighs up to 50 percent less than its traditional counterparts. Following the initial success […]

Jensen Support Fundraising Initiative

Jensen Support Fundraising Initiative: For the second consecutive year Jensen woodchippers have offered their support to a charity Christmas tree collection run by Dorothy House Hospice Care which has raised over £26,000 this Christmas, and £40,000 over the two years Jensen have been involved. Once again Dorothy House and Wiltshire College & University Centre have joined […]

BASF Launch Nematode Challenge

BASF Launch Nematode Challenge: BASF, the leading producer of beneficial nematodes used as pest control in British gardens, is on the search for volunteers to take part in its 2019 Nematode Challenge. The Sussex-based company grows trillions of beneficial nematodes for use in its Nemasys range of pest controls. After an initial launch in 2017, the […]

Tackle Spring Pests With Nemaslug and Nemasys

Tackle Spring Pests With Nemaslug And Nemasys: As spring edges closer, now is the time of year dedicated to patrolling your garden to make sure no pests take over. If steps are not taken to tackle your pests now, they can become damaging to plants and vegetables as we move into the warmer months. Taking action […]

Stock Up On Pest Control For Warmer Winter Months

Stock Up On Pest Control For Warmer Winter Months: It is becoming clear that the planet is becoming warmer and warmer each year, and particularly in 2018 gardens have experienced the full force of Mother Nature. From the Beast from the East in March bringing endless amounts of snow to the scorching hot summer in July, […]

10 Years Of Wildflowers For Hampshire Manor

10 Years Of Wildflowers For Hampshire Manor: A Hampshire wildflower meadow, grown and supplied by Wildflower Turf Ltd in 2008, has recently reached the ripe old age of ten. A decade after it was installed at Grade II listed Ashley Manor in the Test Valley, the wildflower meadow continues to thrive and provide a safe haven […]

Rigby Taylor At Hever Castle

Rigby Taylor At Hever Castle: The “fantastic” success of Hever Castle’s use of Rigby Taylor’s Euroflor urban meadow flower seed mixes has spurred the Kent-based stately home to not only increase the number of areas that will be planted next year and existing plots enlarged, but it has also led to additional, similar projects off-site and […]

Cornwall Project For Wildflower Turf

Cornwall Project For Wildflower Turf: Wildflower Turf Ltd have recently been nominated as a key supplier by Cornwall Council as part of the council’s Green Infrastructure for Growth (GI4G) project. The Hampshire-based wildflower experts are assisting Cornwall Council and their incumbent contractors Cormac with the delivery of a far-reaching programme that will see £3.5 million invested […]

Wilkinson Extend Gardening Campaign

Wilkinson Extend Gardening Campaign: Wilkinson Sword Garden Tools has extended a campaign designed to get school children gardening, by joining forces with Town & Country and increasing its reach to the whole country. Wilkinson Sword is passionate about getting children into gardening and in 2016 it launched its school gardening campaign encouraging primary schools in Oxfordshire […]

SCH Supply De Haar Castle

SCH Supply De Haar Castle: British machinery manufactured by SCH is helping to maintain the historical De Haar Castle in the Netherlands. De Haar Castle is the second most visited castle in the Netherlands. The gothic fairy-tale castle we see today was rebuilt from ruins in 1892 until 1912, with the designs sticking closely to historical […]

Fresh Is Best In Nematodes’ Battle Against Pests

Fresh Is Best In Nematodes’ Battle Against Pests: Beneficial nematodes are microscopic worm-like organisms that are found naturally in garden soil. They are nature’s way of controlling slugs and other garden pests and BASF, the EU’s largest specialist nematode producer, has harnessed this natural control process and grows five species that each attack different pests. Nematodes […]

Protect Your Veg Plot From Slugs

Protect Your Veg Plot From Slugs: Slugs can be active throughout the year but cause the most damage when weather conditions are hot and humid. The slimy gastropods will make a meal of a huge variety of vegetables, even when you think that your plants are large enough to have escaped the threat. They will munch […]

Limmo Peninsula Enhanced By Wildflower

Limmo Peninsula Enhanced By Wildflower: Hampshire-grown wildflowers have recently commuted to London, playing their part in the regeneration of Canning Town as part of London’s ambitious Crossrail project. A beautiful wildflower meadow supplied by wildflower experts Wildflower Turf Ltd is now capping a maintenance and escape shaft for the Elizabeth line on the Limmo Peninsula. […]

Reliable & Biological Pest Control

Reliable & Biological Pest Control: Selecting the best pest control product can seem like a daunting task; lists of unrecognisable ingredients and various warning symbols mean you cannot be certain what you are applying to your garden or if it will work. BASF, from its specialist production facility in the UK, produce a biological pest control […]

Precision Pruning From Cutting Specialists

Precision Pruning From Cutting Specialists: There is no one size fits all for perfect pruning. However, Wilkinson Sword, with more than 100 years of cutting expertise, knows just how to deliver what gardeners need, which is why it has launched a new Precision Pruner Twin Pack to provide gardeners with the exact product they need […]

Good Soil Grows Good Plants

Good Soil Grows Good Plants: Time spent preparing soil is an important investment that will bring rewards for many seasons to come. Soil cultivation is the simple principle of breaking up and loosening soil to create good, healthy foundations. It’s also the process of removing weeds and ensuring the ground is not compacted so that […]

Fencing Panel Proves Popular

Fencing Panel Proves Popular: Garden owners have made it clear that they value peace and quiet when spending time outside, with the popularity of the panel increasing rapidly across the country, with sales so far in 2018 double what they were in 2017. The panels are designed in a clever manner to reduce nuisance sounds such […]

Plant Up With WOLF-Garten

Plant Up With WOLF-Garten: Not everyone is blessed with wide expanses of outside space to grow plants, fruit and vegetables. A lot of people have a smaller garden, some may rent and are unable to dig up the easy-care patio beloved by landlords, and for some, access to green space is limited to a balcony or […]

This week marks Why Amenity Matters Week

‘Why Amenity Matters Week’ highlights green spaces and champions the ‘heroes’ who maintain the UK’s urban landscape. This week marks Why Amenity Matters Week. Through the eyes of the Colins family, the campaign encourages families and friends to celebrate the enjoyment of our local parks and sports grounds and recognise the contribution of those who maintain […]

Research Shows Visiting Parks Contributes To Increased Well Being

Research Shows Visiting A Park Once A Week Contributes To Increased Health And Well Being: New research from Fields in Trust demonstrates a direct and statistically significant link between publicly accessible parks and green spaces and health and well being. Based on new analysis of existing data from Defra and Natural England and a new […]