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The World has changed but Turf still Matters

The World has changed but Turf still Matters: Sadly, I’m no longer a young guy, but in my late 50s, as I am, I can never recall a time like these. We’ve had the bank crash; we’re in the middle of BREXIT and now we have the Coronavirus. Things do happen in threes. The first […]

An Update from Scott MacCallum

An Update from Scott MacCallum: The fastest moving month of the year has no doubt caught us all out again as we get to the stage where we have no time left to do so many things we’d put off until later in the month. I enjoy Christmas. At least I enjoy certain aspects of […]

An update from Scott MacCallum

An update from Scott MacCallum: Well the countdown to Christmas is well and truly underway. We are being bombarded by the usual array of Christmas advertising which, increasingly, is failing to mention any of the products for which the company is known. However, we are all entranced by a dragon who inadvertently fired flames from […]

An Update From Scott MacCallum

An Update From Scott MacCallum: Another month and another great sporting event. We are currently in the early stages of the Rugby World Cup being held in Japan, and the Japanese groundsmen have the world’s spotlight shining on their work. They will be experiencing the excitement, the pressures and the armchair criticism which go hand […]

An Update From Scott MacCallum

An Update From Scott MacCallum: Well, as we enter August it gives us a little time to catch our breath, at least before the start of the football season again. Oh yes and the little matter of the Ashes! What a month July proved to be. We had the English ladies getting to the semi […]

An Update From Scott MacCallum

Golden Graemes As I write we are deep into both the Cricket World Cup and the Women’s World Cup, while we are listening to endless stories relating to the transfer window. Where would we be without our sporting fixes. And though it all is the weather. This time last year we were in the middle […]

An Update From Scott MacCallum

An Update From Scott MacCallum: It’s quite amazing to think that, as I write we are still in May, yet we have already enjoyed two of the four golf Majors – well done to Brookes Koepka for his amazing feat in being the first person to defend successfully both the US Open and the USPGA […]

A Tribute To Eddie Seaward

A Tribute To Eddie Seaward: There are some people who leave a mark. Eddie Seaward was definitely one of those people. He was the man in charge of the All England courts at Wimbledon from 1990, until the London Olympics in 2012 – fittingly taking his final bow as Andy Murray was taking the applause […]

An Update From Scott MacCallum

An Update From Scott MacCallum: How many of you were caught up in the Extinction Rebellion protests around the country? I must admit living on a pretty remote Scottish island it’s not something me or the other 2,999 islanders were ever likely to face. Let’s face it, my carbon footprint is pretty small although to […]

An Update From Scott MacCallum

An Update From Scott MacCallum: As I write we are coming to the end of March and we can well and truly smell spring. It is a significant time of year for me as it coincides with our wedding anniversary. This year will be our 29th, given that we were married in 1990. In some […]