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A Tribute To Eddie Seaward

A Tribute To Eddie Seaward: There are some people who leave a mark. Eddie Seaward was definitely one of those people. He was the man in charge of the All England courts at Wimbledon from 1990, until the London Olympics in 2012 – fittingly taking his final bow as Andy Murray was taking the applause […]

An Update From Scott MacCallum

An Update From Scott MacCallum: How many of you were caught up in the Extinction Rebellion protests around the country? I must admit living on a pretty remote Scottish island it’s not something me or the other 2,999 islanders were ever likely to face. Let’s face it, my carbon footprint is pretty small although to […]

An Update From Scott MacCallum

An Update From Scott MacCallum: As I write we are coming to the end of March and we can well and truly smell spring. It is a significant time of year for me as it coincides with our wedding anniversary. This year will be our 29th, given that we were married in 1990. In some […]

Scott MacCallum Chats To Ben Hastie

Scott MacCallum Chats To Ben Hastie: Scott MacCallum caught up with Ben Hastie, the man with the toughest job in turf maintenance as he prepared for… There is some debate about which sporting turf suffers the greatest damage when hosting the particular event for which it has been so lovingly prepared. Rugby Union has a […]

An Update From Scott MacCallum

An Update From Scott MacCallum: You catch me as I’m gazing out of the living room window and the weather is absolutely gorgeous. Sunny, calm, warm, there’s even a slight heat haze. Not what I expect from here, certainly while still in February. Last year – the opposite. Cold, ice, temperatures barely reaching zero. Now to […]

An Update From Scott MacCallum

An Update From Scott MacCallum: Well, that’s the main exhibition season over for the next 11 months. With Saltex and BTME coming so close together, particularly with the festive period slap bang in the middle, it is probably the most intense time of the year… for the likes of us that is who don’t have sports […]

Scott MacCallum Christmas Update

Scott MacCallum Christmas Update: It seems like only a blink of an eye when we were saying. Goodbye to 2017 and welcoming in 2018 and now we are back doing the same but one year on. However, looking back 2018 was a pretty action packed sporting year. Ireland clinched a Grand Slam in the Six […]

An Update From Scott MacCallum

An Update From Scott MacCallum: It’s now a month since many of us converged on Birmingham for Saltex, met with friends and colleagues and left promising to keep in more regular touch. A regular touch which in many cases will be repeated for the next time at the same time and place next year! It is […]

October Update From Scott MacCallum

October Update From Scott MacCallum: SALTEX Week always has a different feel to it than the other 51 weeks of the year. There is a feeling of anticipation about catching up with friends and colleagues from the other end of the country – if not the other side of the world, while knowing that, at the […]

September Update From Scott MacCallum

September Update From Scott MacCallum: Well, the football and rugby seasons are in full swing once again and those with affiliations to a particular team – most of us – are experiencing the uncomfortable feelings we all get when our team is in action. We might be engaged in a serious piece of conversation about potential […]