Leatherjackets target for new Acelepryn Emergency Authorisation

Leatherjackets target for new Acelepryn Emergency Authorisation: A further new Emergency Authorisation (EA) for the use of the Syngenta insecticide, Acelepryn, has been reapproved to target leatherjackets for the 2020 season. The new leatherjacket specific authorisation supplements the summer chafer grub EA announced in May. “Two individual EA’s allow a longer window of application to […]

Bionema launches cold-tolerance products

Bionema launches cold-tolerance products: After three years of field trials, UK-based biotechnology company Bionema has launched a new cold- tolerance nematode pest control product, which provides insect kill rate of up to 95%. It is estimated that crop pests caused 470 billion USD worldwide annually. For example, annual European losses by western corn rootworm are […]

Bionema sign MoU with Scientia Colombia

Bionema sign MoU with Scientia Colombia: Scientia Colombia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with world-leading biopesticide technology developer Bionema, to collaborate on making more environmentally sustainable biological controls available in the fight against pests and diseases in less developed countries. Leading biopesticide technology company Bionema attended the AgriTech 2020 mission to Colombia, organised […]

New fertiliser recycles battery waste

New fertiliser recycles battery waste: Battery waste is helping greenkeepers in the UK to improve the health of their turf, thanks to the launch of a new liquid fertiliser product. ZM-Grow™ extracts zinc, manganese and sulphur from used alkaline batteries to create a unique fertiliser for a range of crops, including amenity turf. With limited […]

New browntop bentgrass from Germinal

New browntop bentgrass from Germinal: Germinal has updated two of its greens-specific bentgrass blends by adding newly listed browntop cultivar, Musket, to its Aber®Majesty and ForeFront Greens seed mixtures. Musket is one of three new browntop bentgrass cultivars to join the BSPB’s Table G1 (greens, close mown 4-7mm trials) in 2020. It is also the […]

65% Water Saving From Hydroponic Tee Box

65% Water Saving From Hydroponic Tee Box: Capillary Concrete’s revolutionary new Capillary Hydroponics system is delivering outstanding results a year into its first major customer installation, at the Hawk’s Landing Golf Club in Orlando, Florida. Last September/October, Capillary Concrete built a new tee box at Hawk’s Landing, incorporating the Capillary Hydroponics system, along with superintendent Josh Kelley’s team and […]

BASF To Launch New Farm Rodenticide

BASF To Launch New Farm Rodenticide: BASF have announced the release of Storm® Ultra Secure, a brand-new rodenticide which will be available in August 2019. The product contains 25 parts per million (ppm) of the active substance flocoumafen and will be available in a variety of sizes to professional users* and farmers as well as […]

Environmentally Safe Weed Control By Hatz

Environmentally Safe Weed Control By Hatz: The control of unwanted weeds and vegetation is a perennial issue for municipalities, landscapers and green space contractors. However, since 2011 a UK company, Weedingtech Ltd, has been developing a range of machines that not only tackles this issue, but carries it out without the use of harmful herbicides. […]

Emergency Authorisation For Acelepryn Reapproved

Emergency Authorisation For Acelepryn Reapproved: The Emergency Authorisation for the use of the Syngenta insecticide, Acelepryn, for the control of chafer grubs and leatherjacket has been reapproved for the 2019 season. The request was applied for by ICL, on behalf of the amenity industry. Chafer grubs and leatherjackets cause damage to turf through extensive feeding […]

Emergency Chafer Grub and Leatherjacket Summit

Emergency Chafer Grub and Leatherjacket Summit: An emergency summit is to be held with the aim of finding industry-led solutions to the threat of Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets in the turf industry. The Summit will take place on 9th May 2019 at Burton Albion Football, Staffordshire. Attendance at this industry summit is vital to those […]

JCB Unveil New Factory Plans

JCB Unveil New Factory Plans: JCB is to invest £65 million in a new plant in India as the company prepares to celebrate 40 years of manufacturing in the country, it has been announced. The new factory will be located in Vadodara near the port city of Surat in the State of Gujarat on the […]

Not Just Three Numbers

Not Just Three Numbers: Understanding fertilisers: What to use where, when and why By Chris Humphrey MBPR FQA – Technical Manager, Collier Turf Care We are all familiar with turf fertilisers being referred to as three numbers (for example 6:6:12) but what does it really mean and what are we putting on our turf? To start, […]

Beware Of The Mix Up

Beware Of The Mix Up: Do you know what you are mixing up in your sprayer and what it is going to do? By Chris Humphrey MBPR FQA – Technical Manager, Collier Turf Care I don’t know how many times I have heard someone say “I was told I could mix these things in the spray […]

S&C Slatter Acquire White Horse Contractors

S&C Slatter Acquire White Horse Contractors: S&C Slatter is delighted to announce the acquisition of White Horse Contractors which becomes a member of The Slatter Group. White Horse Contractors was established in 1957 by Arnold Binning. Since then it has grown into one of the leading providers of natural turf sports facilities, land drainage, water engineering, […]

Makita Launch Job Site Radio

Makita Launch Job Site Radio: Makita’s first DAB Job Site Radio with Bluetooth, the Makita DMR112, is the latest addition to the audio range that will meet everyone’s taste in music and quality. With a dual power source by either AC adaptor or by Makita’s CXT or LXT Lithium-Ion batteries, that can be found in Makita’s […]

New Plant Based Podcast Launched

New Plant Based Podcast Launched: A new podcast has been launched to celebrate a love of all things plants. The Plant Based Podcast, sponsored by Suttons Seeds, previewed on Sunday 3rd February and within less than 24 hours of being available on iTunes had rocketed to the top of the games and hobbies charts, beating all […]

New Biostimulants For Turf Health Management

New Biostimulants For Turf Health Management: From establishment to recovery, a full season approach to turf health management is now on offer, following the launch of two new biostimulant products by Arysta LifeScience. Tonivit® and Double Edge® join existing product Goemar Turf® to form a triple pronged approach to turf management, offering bespoke solutions for three […]

Advice on Pesticides Post-Brexit

Government Advice on Pesticides Post-Brexit: The Government has issued guidance to manufacturers and users of Plant Protection Products (PPPs) on what action they need to take now to minimise any disruption once the UK leaves the EU. It says the high scientific standard to which decisions on the use of pesticides are made will not […]

HAIX & GORE: Don’t Catch A Cold

HAIX & GORE: Don’t Catch A Cold: After a glorious summer, winter is rapidly approaching. When it comes to pitch care and landscaping maintenance, footwear must keep up with the high pressures of the job, whatever the weather. Groundsmen and landscaping professionals need top-quality gear and foot protection that will help them to get the job […]

Preventative Treatments Impress In STRI Trials

Preventative Treatments Impress In STRI Trials: It has been proven in recent STRI research trials that preventative disease control programmes outperform curative options when analysed for turf quality, colour and presence of Microdochium Patch. STRI research manager, Mark Ferguson, explains these results and stresses the importance of preventative programmes in light of the recent loss of curative […]

Only The Best Nematodes In Leading Products

Only The Best Nematodes In Leading Products: BASF is the UK’s largest producer of beneficial nematodes, and it goes to great lengths to ensure that its product is of the highest quality available on the market. It’s vital that the quality is as high as possible because low quality nematodes will either die before use or […]

Jensen Launches New Website

Jensen Launches New Website: Jensen Woodchippers are pleased to announce the launch of a new UK website. The new site will be dedicated to showcasing the wide range of chippers available to industry professionals across the country. With a simple to navigate structure, the new website enables users to view details on all the Jensen […]

Ireland’s New Fungicide Launch

Ireland’s New Fungicide Launch: Ireland’s greenkeepers are now able to access the latest in turf fungicide technology, to tackle both Microdochium Patch and Dollar Spot on their greens this coming disease season. Exteris® Stressgard® was launched by Bayer to the UK market in early 2017 and is now registered for use in Ireland. Greg Collins, from […]

Aqua-Aid Combats Dry Conditions

Aqua-Aid Combats Dry Conditions: The very unusual hot weather across the United Kingdom and Europe has been tackled by greenkeepers and groundsmen using Aqua-Aid EU’s OARS and Aquifer pellets in tandem with the PROportioner application system. In the last week of June alone hundreds of PROportioner applicators were sold to new users in Europe, delivering […]

Solving The Erosion Headache

Solving The Erosion Headache: When it comes to sports ground renovations, areas that are subject to heavy use and erosion have caused headaches for greenkeepers and groundsmen for years. From sidelines and goalmouths in football, to walkways and paths in golf; public parks, playgrounds and festivals – the list goes on. Hybrid surfaces are a new […]

Mirimichi Green Announces Carbon In All Liquid Products

Mirimichi Green Announces Carbon In All Liquid Products: Mirimichi Green has produced one of the most advanced carbon solutions in turf technology by bringing a high performing micronized liquid carbon to the market. Now, Mirimichi Green has announced that their liquid carbon is being mixed in all of their liquid fertilizers and bio-stimulants. How much […]

STIHL Increases Workwear Range

STIHL Increases Workwear Range: STIHL has expanded its range of high-visibility workwear that offers professionals the very best in comfort and mobility. The new lightweight MS Protect cut protective high-visibility jacket and trousers -both available in different sizes – provide professionals with freedom of movement, and are ideal for a range of applications including arb, […]

Valagro Launches Master Supreme

Valagro Launches Master Supreme: Valagro, a leading company in the production and marketing of biostimulants and other specialty nutrients, today presents their premium line of water-soluble fertilisers, Master Supreme, to the Chinese market at the NCIC Global Specialty Fertilizer Convention, a landmark event for the Chinese agricultural market, organised by China National Chemical Information Center (CNCIC). […]

Spring is upon us!

With winter turning to spring, sportsturf managers can look forward to the benefits this change of season brings to their playing surfaces. We have experienced milder winters in recent years and the timing of spring has become less predictable but the concept of longer daylight hours, warmer rainfall, combined with rising air and soil temperatures […]

Game-Changer From Barenbrug

Game-Changer From Barenbrug: Grass expert, Barenbrug UK, has launched a grass seed that manages its own moisture content, which will increase germination and establishment rates – particularly in tough, dry conditions. The patented technology in Barenbrug Yellow Jacket Water Manager, is the result of research between Barenbrug and Aquatrols and has been independently tested by the […]

ICL Product Guide Available

ICL Product Guide Available: The new ICL Turf & Landscape Product Guide for 2018/19 is now available. The updated 2018/19 Product Guide features the complete range of ICL and Syngenta products plus much more, with advice on how to get the best results, including recommended period of use, directions for use and application rates. As a […]

New Rigby Taylor Brochure

New Rigby Taylor Brochure: Rigby Taylor – the company at the forefront of supplying innovative products for the successful management and maintenance of turf surfaces – have introduced a new two-in-one brochure which focuses on key products for both grounds maintenance and landscaping. The informative, 60-page publication – which complements the company’s Professional Products range […]

The 7 Best Ways To Use Leisure Grass

The 7 Best Ways To Use Leisure Grass Leisure grass is used widely in domestic, commercial and even educational settings. If you’ve got a leisurely outdoor activity or project planned, then there’s a good chance that leisure grass could help to get the idea off the ground. Whether it’s a full golf course which needs […]

New Instrata Elite Offers Turf Disease Control Outside And In

New Instrata Elite offers turf disease control Outside and In. The launch of an exciting new fungicide active for turf disease control now gives a powerful combination of curative and contact plus systemic properties, for reliable turf protection outside and in the plant. Now approved for Microdochium control in the UK, Instrata Elite combines the new active […]

Vitalnova Blade: A Proven Biostimulant

Vitalnova Blade: A Proven Biostimulant. Biostimulants are substances and microorganisms applied to plants and rootzones to enhance plant growth, and rootzone microbial activity. Historically the diversity of biostimulant products available was limited but in recent years a plethora of new products have come to the market in response to an increase in demand and interest.   The […]

Why Do Golf Courses Aerate So Much?

Why Do Golf Courses Aerate So Much? – The word aeration stimulates negative emotions for many golfers. It may come as a surprise, but golf course superintendents also dislike aeration. After all, the last person who wants to disrupt the smoothness of the putting greens they work so hard to maintain is the superintendent. Golfers often […]

Luxury Carts Arabia Appointed New Ransomes Jacobsen Distributor for UEA

Ipswich, Suffolk (04 November 2016) Ransomes Jacobsen, the Ipswich-based manufacturer of turf maintenance equipment, has appointed a new distributor to strengthen its position in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East. Saudi Arabia-based Luxury Carts Arabia has been appointed to market and distribute the company’s turf care products together with E-Z-GO golf cars in […]

Next Generation in Pop-up Irrigation Systems

The next generation of pop-up irrigation has arrived with the launch of SIS Hydrobox. SIS Pitches launch their latest development in irrigation technology the SIS Hydrobox at Saltex on November 2nd. SIS Hydrobox, designed for groundsmen by groundsmen, is the simple way to manage pop-up irrigation systems and has been designed for quick and easy […]